Why Diets Do Not Work

Why Diets Do Not Work? This is one of the most frequentI questions I see on different forums about weight loss. I know,I know, I cannot say the same thing about all types od diets. But the thing is a lot of them simply do not work. I am sure everyone here has atleast tried one or two diets, whether it be the latest fad, or some new “liquid” diet. Unfortunately, as we all know, they don’t work. If they did, you problably wouldn’t be reading this right now. But the simple fact is that most people who go on diets soon after gain back all the weight they lost and even more! Statistically, there are a countless number of reports back this up, from Universities like UCLA to top notch hospitials.

Why Diets Do Not Work?

Why Diets Do Not Work

Why Diets Do Not Work

But why is it that diets don’t work? Well, it is really a number of things and it begins with the very first thing you do before you select a diet. You create a goal  whicy usually goe in a manner such as  “Ireally need to get rid of 40 pounds or more in the next months.” Here is the problem, though you may succeed in losing weight and achieving your goal, THEN WHAT? Are you just going to go back to your old way of life and gain it all right back? Typically that is exactly what happens.


So here is what you have to do, and it is very simple. Change your goal to ” I will lose 40pounds in 2 months and keep it off permantenly.” Write it down and then sketch out a detailed plan of exactly how you will do in in both the short and long term. Make sure you are detailed, for example, have a game plan  for exactly what you will do when you go out to eat with friends, or you are at a birthday party or work dinner. It is important to be prepared for the unexpected and you need to know how to react.

The second problem with diets is that you are trying to break a habit, and habits are HARD to break. Really hard. What diets do is change that habit for a couple weeks or so, but after awhile you snap right back into your old ways. Diets make you dramatically change your lifestyle immediately, but it tends to rebound.  It is like attempting to quit smoking cold turkey. Is it possible? Yes, but only a select few can accomplish it. The majority of people will need to slowly change one little thing at a time, and slightly alter their diet over time to achieve their goal rather than go all in on the first day.

2 other problems why diets do not work

The third problem with dieting is that as it becomes harder to shed those last couple pounds, your willpower becomes less powerful. When you start a diet, you have alot of willpower, and alot of emotional attachment, but as time goes on that willpower slowly diminishes and it is easier to give into temptations. This is partially due to the fact that once we have lost some weight we become less inclined to put ourself threw the difficult struggle to resist the temptation of food.

The fourth problem has to do with stress and emotional problems. In the stressful world that we live in people often turn to food as a source of comfort. You will often catch yourself sitting infront of the TV. You will eat a bag of patato chips, or choclates after a terriably stressful day at work. Relationship problems are also notorious for comfort eating and they can really ruin your diet at once.

Another big problem why diets do not work

One of the biggest problems with diets though, is that they fight biology. They deprive your body of vitial foods. Then they leave yourself feeling hungry and tired. And the hungier we are the more we are thinking about food. This fact only increases the power of the food temptation.

So the bottom line of the bottom line is that diets don’t provide long term success, but LIFESTYLE CHANGES DO! If you set realistic goals, create a realistic plan for slowly changing your lifestyle of time, and having good support from either family, friends, or a lifestyle group, you will succeed. By the way, we recommend this article on Medium about this particular subject. Go read it.

What is your opinion on this subject? Why diets do not work? I am curious to read all your comments.

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Why Diets Do Not Work

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