Routines You Should Avoid To Lose 40 Pounds Easy

Losing 40 pounds is an enormous task especially if you only have two months to lose it. From the diet up to the exercise, you surely spent a lot of planning and thinking what would work best for you. But in the middle of those typical requirements, you might forget some important factors that will affect your weight – your habits. Right before you hop into a weight loss regimen, you should face some brutal but honest facts about your lifestyle. You should know what to avoid to lose 40 pounds.

As you see, you have to change something to lose weight. Your eating, physical activities and most of all, your innocent habits. It’s easier said than done but a little more sacrifice will surely nail the 40-pounder goal in nick of time.

So what should you stop doing? Here are some of your old bad habits:

1. You have an insatiable sweet tooth

Having a sweet tooth isn’t a bad thing, but it can sabotage your weight loss if you have insatiable cravings for sugar. Your first tendency is to consume foods items with the “no sugar” label. And that makes it worse. Artificial sweeteners are no-nos when you want to lose weight because it wreaks havoc on your metabolism. It’s best to have honey or pure maple syrup as alternatives.

2. You skip meals than you binge eat

Skipping meals isn’t the answer to losing your 40 pounds. Chances are you’re going to compensate for the hunger by eating more in the next meals. That doesn’t serve you any purpose aside from slowing down your metabolism. Make sure that you eat three full meals a day or four to five small meals to augment hunger and cravings.

what to avoid to lose 40 pounds

3. What to avoid to lose 40 pounds: You prefer juice over smoothies

In juicing, you remove the essential fiber from fruits and vegetables. Although you’ll get some nutrients, it doesn’t become optimal because you lose the chance to get more. Most antioxidants and important nutrients are in the skin of fruits and veggies. Throwing it away together with the dietary fiber is a waste. Try blending all of it into smoothies.

4. You eat healthy, but in mega servings

Healthy salads and complete protein are good options if you want to cut calories but still take enough nutrients for the day. However, the “healthy” label becomes significantly abused. Some people tend to eat in large servings thinking that it’s okay to eat healthier. Such mindset would result in more pounds gained.

5. You just love cooking oil

Frying isn’t a good thing if you’re exhausting all means just to cut the unhealthy in your diet. Don’t get me wrong, there are oils where you can get healthy fats like virgin olive and coconut oils. However, the commercial cooking oil you might currently be using is the culprit to higher cholesterol levels and unintended calorie consumption. That counts as what to avoid to lose 40 pounds.

6. You reward yourself with food

Have you finished your strength training with less effort? Deep inside, you have the urge to celebrate. That may take place as food being a reward. There’s nothing wrong with it if the reward consists of a healthy afternoon meal. But if you’re considering high-carb goodies like chocolate cake, soda, and a box of pizza, you should think twice.

what to avoid to lose 40 pounds

7. You take exercise for granted

Some people tend to have the mentality that when you eat less, you’re going to lose weight. Nothing else in between. There some truth to it in a short period but after you reach the least possible weight reduction through dieting, you have lost a large amount of muscle mass and you have a weak metabolism. Exercise is a constant need when trying to lose weight. It keeps you in shape together with more benefits.

8. You always pull an all-nighter

Your all-nighters are actually doing you a big disservice in the weight loss department. Lack of enough sleep increases your stress levels and causes your body to hasten fat storage. It also makes you lethargic and unable to seize the activities of the day. If you have something to finish, do it during the day and allot nighttime for a sound slumber.

9. What to avoid to lose 40 pounds: You devour instead of chew

There’s one common habit that all of us does. We devour, not chew our food. This results in less satiation and more food consumption. If you chew your food slowly and longer, you’re going to feel full after 20 minutes without consuming a big serving. Focused eating also helps in your appreciation of the food that adds up to satiation.

10. You mental note your progress

So you cut 500 calories and perform 10 minutes of exercise. You put that on your mental note only to be forgotten together with other diet progresses you’ve had in the past weeks. Doing this will defeat the purpose of your weight loss plan. Have a diary and write everything down. Through that, you’ll have a bigger picture of what you’re missing.

what to avoid to lose 40 pounds

11. You shop when you’re hungry

This one is tricky. Shopping with a growling stomach exposes you to the possibility of buying high-calorie food items that aren’t in harmony with your weight loss plan. It’s best to bring a shopping list with you and fill your tummy with some healthy snack beforehand.

12. You have cheat days

Cheat days are one of the roots of evil in a weight loss plan. It becomes the window of pleasure that you might look forward to each week. And when the excitement is no longer containable, it will burst into a feast of unhealthy, caloric, fatty meals. Such a disaster for someone who wants to lose 40 pounds.

By knowing what to avoid to lose 40 pounds, you make sure that you’re on the right path. Quitting those old habits will do you a big favor especially when it’s time to weight in after two months. What do you think? Let us know below!

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Routines You Should Avoid To Lose 40 Pounds Easy

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