10 Snack Ideas You Can Enjoy To Lose 40 Pounds in 2 Months

Losing weight is mired with the idea of starving. But what if I tell you that you can still enjoy snacks even on a strict diet? Yes! If you know how to play with delights in your kitchen, you can come up with filling meals. Aside from satiating, it should be low in calories. Here, I listed 10 of the best weight loss snack ideas you can prepare for your quick bites.

Not all of these are as yummy as a slice chocolate cake, but it will be better than eating bland crackers. You can pair individual ingredients with each snack and make your own ideas. Just keep calories in check and you’ll be losing weight fast.

1. Peanut Butter Apple

You might not have the time to prepare your snack so this Peanut Butter Apple will be a nice choice. But before you devour a whole bottle of creamy butter, remember that it’s high in calories. Since this is just a snack, satisfy yourself with a tablespoon of butter with a sliced apple.

Apple is a staple in the table but it actually gives you more than what meets the eye. It’s high in pectin, a compound that helps arrest hunger. And since an apple is also fibrous, eating it would be a double whammy benefit for your weight loss plan.

2. Kale Chips

Kale is commonly seen in smoothies. At first, I can’t find any other weight loss snack ideas that can make this green sumptuous. You should try preparing kale chips even if takes a longer time than just grabbing an apple and butter. Just prepare kale leaves, olive oil, and salt. Dip each green in the oil and salt then cook it in the oven.

Once crispy brown, your chips are ready to eat. You can eat up to three cups of these chips. But if you’re on a 200-calorie allowance for a snack, you can eat more. A cup of kale chips just consists of 51 calories.

3. Blue Cheese and Carrots

Be it in juices, smoothies, or plain snack, carrots are never tiring. It’s easy to eat and yummy, at least for me. For a snack, just get 100 grams of baby carrots, it can be sliced or the whole veggie. Add two tablespoons of blue cheese for better taste.

Just remember that dairy is high in fat. Still, this would be an advantage since fat fastens up the absorption of Vitamin A in the body. As you know, it helps the eyesight and it reduces the chance of heart diseases. Carrots are also heavy in the stomach so you’ll feel less hungry later in the day.

weight loss snack ideas

4. Oatmeal bowl

Gone are the days when oatmeal is just for breakfast. You can actually make nice weight loss snack ideas out of it without hurting your calorie count. Steel cut oats are the best choice, paired with honey, tart, ginger, and apple. A ¾ cup of oats would be enough to fill you up. If you want a refreshing snack, you can put this in the fridge during the night then just pick it up the other day.

I suggest that you prepare many servings so you can have a supply for the following days. If you want to reduce more calories, you can limit or skip the honey.

5. Spicy Guacamole

Avocado is one of the healthiest foods you can have in your diet. It’s low in calories but very satiating and delicious. Just prepare 80 grams of guacamole, red bell pepper, and cayenne pepper. The chili will be a bonus if you love spicy food, but if not, it will do you a favor in reducing appetite. Spicy food also makes you feel fuller.

If you want to cut the calories, ditch the red bell pepper. Anyway, it’s a good addition if you want more antioxidants on your snack.

6. Cream Cheese and Celery

If you’re looking for the veggie that has the least calorie, you can’t find another like celery. It contains lots of water, fiber, and an astounding amount of vitamins. Celery also possesses the compound called luteolin that acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer. I guess this would be more than convincing to get a snack.

Cream cheese will add flavor to your celeries. I admit that celery, as one of the weight loss snack ideas, can be a bit uninviting and boring at times but you should limit cheese to 65 grams. Cream cheese is high in fat and will be bad for your diet if you eat too much.

7. Nuts

Nuts are fun to eat especially if it’s shelled. The likes of pistachios will make you busy and will help you kill time. This is advantageous if you’re trying to distract your appetite. Nuts are also filling and rich in fiber. Still, you should watch out for fatty ones.

A cup of nuts weighing 28 grams is essential in providing your daily supply of protein, healthy fat, and fiber. You should watch out for any allergies. Nevertheless, nuts also contain essential oils that help your digestive system and skin.

Tip: Avoid greasy nuts as its high in saturated fat and calories.

weight loss snack ideas

8. Egg

Eggs are the lifesavers in a weight loss plan. It’s a good source of protein with very low calories and bad cholesterol. Hard-boiled eggs are rich in Vitamins K & B and very filling that you can eat three in a row without worrying about your figure.

It’s advisable that you eat eggs in the morning so you’ll be full the entire day. This is a trick in weight loss snack ideas if you want to eat less in the evening.  Just don’t fry your eggs as it will add up bad cholesterol. Anyway, hard-boiled ones are already yummy with a sprinkle of salt.

9. Protein Shake

If you want the easiest way for a snack, you can buy a tub of protein shake. Whey protein is the best choice, just make sure that it’s plant-based. If not, find one that’s grass-fed. These are healthy choices and you can choose many varieties in the market. Your $20 can actually get you a high-end tub.

Protein is necessary so you have your muscles in check. On a weight loss plan, muscle burn is the typical mistake people make. So drinking a glassful in a day will be a good choice especially if you replace a meal with it.

10. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate might look like a cheat but it actually helps your appetite. Eating a small piece of dark chocolate will make you feel full while arresting appetite. This would be a worthwhile snack and if you pair it with a few almonds, you’ll forget that you’re actually dieting.

Just remember that you should only eat dark choco because milk and brown types are high in calorie and sugar.

These weight loss snack ideas are just the starting point for eating fun and healthy. You can mix up the ingredients then check the calorie count. I’m sure that you’ll enjoy these recipes. Aside from the items listed here, you can discover more snack ideas that will add color to your meals.

Do you know more about these wonderful snacks? Share it with us in the comment section!

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10 Snack Ideas You Can Enjoy To Lose 40 Pounds in 2 Months

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