12 House Rules You Should Follow To Lose 40 Pounds Fast in 2 Months

Imagine yourself inside the Big Brother’s house. You have to follow house rules and abide by instructions of Big Brother. Otherwise, you’ll be evicted even before you reach stardom. This is the same with your weight loss plan. You have to implement and follow weight loss rules to shed 40 pounds in a matter of two months.

The only reason I can see why many weight loss enthusiasts fail to achieve their goals is their lack of groundwork on the discipline aspect. No clear rules are set and they just rely on their gut feel whether or not their meals will spare them off some calories. This shouldn’t be the case so I listed here some house rules you should follow for a better weight loss journey.

1. Eat organic meals

You should avoid processed foods because of one thing: it’s unhealthy. Eat lots of greens and fruits that are organically grown so you‘ll get all nutrients each has. Since you’ll be losing weight, it’s important that you value what you put inside your body.

It’s also advisable that you eat grass-fed beef for protein. Experts found that people who eat more protein lose more weight.

2. Make weight loss a lifestyle

You should put it in the heart and mind. For you to lose 40 pounds and maintain it for long, you have to make healthy living your lifestyle. It’s important that you become strict on yourself in the first months to develop discipline.

Changing some habits will help a lot in the future. And if you stick to the promise of living healthy, you’re going to reap more benefits. That’s the reason why we have these weight loss rules.

3. Take it easy on the weighing scale

I know how flattering it is to see a couple of pounds shed in just one week. But you shouldn’t take it too hard when stepping on the scale. Your weight may fluctuate even if you’re on a diet so weigh yourself in moderation. Once a day will be fine so stop obsessing with it after each meal.

Still, you should keep your progress in check to avoid gaining weight incessantly.

weight loss rules

4. Sleep tight

I said this before but you have to remember that lack of sleep will badly hurt your weight loss plan. If you fail to sleep for at least seven hours, you’ll end up drowsy the whole day. Hunger hormones are active when your brain didn’t get enough rest.

Try sleeping for barely five hours and I swear, you’ll be hungry all the time. Trust me on this.

5. Never obsess with supplements and diet bars

Supplements largely help a weight loss plan if it’s used the right way. You shouldn’t rely on it, along with snack bars, to be your only weight loss regimen. Remember, these products are called “supplements” because these are meant to supply the backlog of some food but not replace it entirely.

You might lose a few pounds with supplements alone but it won’t be for long.

6. Don’t succumb to hunger anxiety

Hunger can get the wits out of us. As one of the weight loss rules, you shouldn’t succumb to what experts call as “hunger anxiety”. Always use the “Apple Test” if you’re feeling hungry. If you think the apple is delicious and will satisfy you, you’re really hungry. If not, it’s just another episode of binge eating frustration.

Once you’re starting to think about food, try watching TV, crocheting, jogging, or sleeping.

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7. Focus on how you eat

Chewing your food well is a simple trick to eat less. Our brains detect satiety 20 minutes after our first munch. So if you chew well and reached the 20-minute mark with less food, you’re going to ingest fewer calories. You should also focus on your eating and avoid distractions like TV, smartphone, and other things that catch your attention. So, eat well!

8. Never compare your journey to others

Every weight loss journey is different as each one has different metabolic rates and lifestyle. Comparing will only make you feel frustrated and left out. Anyway, I know that it’s hard to stop feeling that way especially if you have a friend who just lost 40 pounds faster than you are.

Why not make it as an inspiration. If he made it, you can too! That’s the best of all the weight loss rules!

9. Make sure to have a concrete plan

Never embark on a battle without your guns cocked. You need to have a solid plan on how you’ll kill fats away aside from the obvious calorie counting. A solid weight loss plan includes the exercise you should practice regularly, the food you need to avoid, and habits you need to change.

Like the trite saying goes, failing to prepare is like preparing to fail.

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10. Exercise the right way

Never burn yourself out in the gym just to burn as many calories as you can before sundown. Too much exercise can stress your joints and make you hungrier. You should have a rest day in a week when you won’t do any exercise so your body can recover.

You should also discover what exercise works for you. If you need a coach to guide you, I advise that you look for one.

11. Don’t skip meals

Skipping meals is like hopping close to splurge eating. If you fail to eat complete meals during the day, your hunger will pile up at night. With nothing to occupy you, you’re prone to eat more than what’s intended on your diet.

12. Never indulge in cheat days too much

I already said this in other articles that cheat meals are okay, but not cheat days. As long as you’re doing the 90/10 cheat meal, I guess it won’t hurt that much. Anything beyond that is already a fat gaining zone.

Like a society, rules put everything in order. If not, there will be lots of crimes and chaos. This is the same with your journey. Weight loss rules help you prevent fats from wreaking chaos in your body. If you faithfully stick to these, you’re meant to lose 40 pounds in no time.

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12 House Rules You Should Follow To Lose 40 Pounds Fast in 2 Months

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