The Ultimate Weight Loss Diet Plan: Here Are 4 Healthy Suggestions

Losing your extra 40 pounds in less than two months could be a challenge if you’re a hefty eater. Diet fads could help at first by removing some water weight, but it will yield less effective results in the end. Still, you can find a decent but quick weight loss diet plan if you just take time to research. Some will just need little tweaks in your lifestyle while other plans will require you to revamp your entire eating habits.

Cutting calories is necessary so if you’re on the lookout for a new meal plan, here are some that I highly suggest:

1. 23 Pounds in 3 Weeks Diet

This might sound crazy but such losses are attainable in a healthy way. Nutritionist Brian Flatt created the meal plan that will surely burn all stubborn fats in your body. It’s founded in three phases that you have to follow faithfully. If you do so, you’re going to lose more than 23 pounds after Day 21.

Basically, this diet will include intermittent fasting, supplements, calorie cuts, carb cuts, and exercise. Depending on the intensity and dedication, this will be an effective plan for almost all weight loss enthusiasts. However, you should remember that this would require the intake of caffeine and other supplements. If you have allergy or intolerances, this wouldn’t fit as a quick weight loss diet plan.

A sample meal plan goes like this:

12-noon meal: Three boiled eggs and a salad consisting of mushrooms, spinach, and pepper.

4 pm meal: Three ounces of tuna with a serving of steamed cauliflower and asparagus.

8 pm meal: Three ounces of turkey and a side serving of steamed carrots and broccoli.

If you want to know more about this diet, you can purchase the 3-Week Diet book. This has a money-back guarantee so it’s totally risk-free.

Aside from the food, you should allow at least 20 minutes every day for simple exercise routines. The book contains suggestions for this and it will surely fit your choice especially if you’re not hitting the gym. But if you are a gym-bodied person, the book will also have workout suggestions for you. Truly a wise buy. Anyway, this highly restrictive program will test your determination.

quick weight loss diet plan

2. One Pound a Day Diet

For 10 days, you’ll have to follow this quick weight loss diet plan so you get to lose 10 pounds. After that, you have to continue observing your diet just the same to lose more within the next 30 days. This is another meal plan devised by Nutritionist Jackie Warner so you don’t have to worry about its nutritional value.

The 10 Pounds in 10 Days diet consists of three phases where you’ll start with the 900-calorie allotment. The foods you have to eat are those that are high in fiber like vegetables and grains. This is so you’ll get full easily without getting hungry. You’ll have to do this for 10 days to see the 10-pounder results.

After the 10 days of restrictive eating, you’ll now eat within a 1200-calorie mark. Once you buy the 10 Pounds in 10 Days book, you’ll have access to what Jackie calls the ‘Ten Superstar Foods’. These are healthy foods that will largely help in burning fats. Some even exist in your kitchen already!

The last phase will include a relaxed 1500 calories. In this allotment, you’ll have to eat at least two eggs since this is high in protein and very satiating.

In the book, you’ll find sample meals and Jackie’s 10-minute exercise routine. Exercising is necessary for this meal plan if you want to reduce more than 10 pounds. But like the first diet plans I discussed, this isn’t a piece of cake. But then again, you have to sacrifice if you want to be fitter.

3. 12 Pounds in 17 Days Diet

Dr. Mike Moreno, a family physician, created this quick weight loss diet plan. It evolves in a 17-day cycle that includes a series of carb cuts, supplement intakes, and sugar cuts. It comes with a four-phase idea which is Accelerate, Activate, Achieve, and Arrive. Throughout the 17 days, you have to “eat clean” and avoid sugary foods.

The 17-day plan will require you to eat fewer carbs for some days while you may also be required to indulge in it. Some days will also allow you to enjoy some cheat meals including wine and carb-rich treats.

For your meals, Dr. Moreno suggests that you focus your diet on turkey, lettuce, broccoli, seafood, cucumber, green tea, and asparagus. There are a lot more food suggestions in his book and you can buy the 17-Day Diet for a low price. There are about 50 recipes here plus added chapters for exercise and supplement suggestions. You can also find success stories in the book.

If you can endure liquid cleansing, Dr. Moreno also has guidelines for this in the book. The liquid cleanse will be done as part of a fasting day where you’re expected to lose more pounds.

Overall, Dr. Moreno’s diet plan is safe even for people with Type II Diabetes. For those with Type I, they will need to consult their doctor first. Mothers trying to lose baby weight will also benefit from this; however, it’s always best to ask the advice of a doctor before doing so.

quick weight loss diet plan

4. 11 Pounds in 2 Weeks Quick Weight Loss Diet Plan

This 11 pounds in 2 weeks is more known as the 400 Calorie Fix by Prevention’s Editor-in-Chief Liz Vaccariello. It’s not that you’re going to eat 400 calories a day because it’s nutritionally impossible. What you need to do is to eat 400 calories every meal within two weeks. But this isn’t just about the cuts. You have to come up with recipes that will give nutrition, protein, and fiber. And if you’re busy as a bee, purchasing the 400 Calorie Fix is the most convenient solution. For a couple of bucks, you’ll have many meal menus that won’t starve you just to lose weight.

The most important thing is that the 400 Calorie Fix addresses the dreaded calorie creep by giving you variations of food to eat. And if you pair it with a short workout routine, you’re going to lose pounds continuously. The 400 Calorie fix gives you a 1200-calorie allowance a day. It’s a realistic goal and not as restricting as the other meal plans.

Choosing a quick weight loss diet plan depends on the dedication you can give. Some people just can’t stick to a 900-calorie daily allowance while others can do it without the fuss. Whatever you choose in these four suggested plans, make sure to let us know!

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The Ultimate Weight Loss Diet Plan: Here Are 4 Healthy Suggestions

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