8 Ways You Can Lose Weight Fast At Home Without Exercise

Not all of us have the time to go to the gym or even manage a few minutes of exercise. Some could be busy with their babies, sick, or too tired from work. Whatever the reason is, people are looking for ways to lose weight fast at home without exercise. This is possible without resorting to crazy diet fads or starving yourself as if you’re on a hunger strike. Here are simple ways that will help you achieve a fitter body without the need for exercise:

1. Trick your appetite

The key to fitness is cutting your calorie intake. One way to do this successfully is tricking your appetite. Studies found that food served in dark red and blue plates are less likely to be eaten compared to those served in white plates. This is a good trick, but the surefire one is serving your food on smaller plates. That way, you control your portioning without having the urge to scoop more. Simple, but very effective.

2. Protein! Protein! Protein!

If you want to lose weight fast at home without exercise, you should start supporting those muscles. You need to eat a lot of protein. Aside from the muscle aspect, protein helps you feel full. Experiments found out that weight loss buffs that ate protein from 30% calories tend to eat 440 calories less during the day.

Eggs are the best source of protein and eating it in the morning will be the best hunger booster throughout the day.

lose weight fast at home without exercise

3. Never underestimate the power of water

Water has no calories and you can drink as much as you can. Experts discovered that people who drink half a liter of water before meals eat less food. Aside from suppressing appetite, water also increases the resting fat burns. It’s best to drink cold water so your body will burn more calories to sustain thermoregulation.

Soda, liquor, and other sweet drinks contain lots of sugar and calories that can pile up in the gut. If you want to cut calories, you have to stick to water or a cup of green tea.

4. Don’t forget about fiber

Fiber helps your stomach flush wastes and it makes you feel full for a longer period. Viscous fiber is the best for your weight loss plan since it forms a gel-like lump in the stomach that lasts long. It buys you satiation before the next meal.  Oats, beans, asparagus, and oranges are just some of fruits and veggies that have viscous fiber.

You can try taking glucomannan pills as a viscous fiber supplement. This is safe and popular among weight loss enthusiasts.

5. Ditch guilty pleasures

You should get rid of your habit of binge-eating including unhealthy items like processed food, fast food, and junk food. These won’t help your weight loss at home plan. You should also keep booze in a minimum since liquid calories are harder to burn than solid ones.

You can take one food item at a time so you can easily adapt to the lifestyle change.

lose weight fast at home without exercise

6. Goodbye cheat days, hello cheat meals

Cheat days aren’t helpful but cheat meals are. Weight loss experts believe that the 90/10 meal plan can boost the metabolism of a person and it removes the stress of ditching all unhealthy foods. To do this, you have to eat 90% weight loss-friendly food and 10% unhealthy food. There are varying opinions about cheat meals but it wouldn’t hurt to try if it helps you lose weight fast at home without exercise.

7. Banish your distractions

Stop using your phone or watching TV if you’re eating. Such practices can lead to overeating since you won’t be chewing your food well. Lack of attention to your food will also result in less appreciation and more urge to get another serving.

Studies found that people who eat while using electronic devices tend to consume 10% more of their original serving. This could be a small thing but it could pile up to additional pounds in the future.

8. Hide unhealthy foods in the depths of your cupboard

If you can’t throw away every piece of unhealthy food in your kitchen, make sure to keep it out of sight. A study in New York households in 2015 showed that individuals who display a bowl of fruits on the countertop are less likely to be overweight. Meanwhile, those who are visually exposed to fatty foods have high chances of gaining weight.

Cravings could be one reason for this and another thing to consider is the convenience of getting whatever that’s in sight. If you’re in a rush to go to work, you’ll likely to pick whatever you see at the table.

To lose weight fast at home without exercise, you have to revamp your eating habits. This is just a simple sacrifice at the expense of exercise. What do you think of these tips? Let us know in the comment section!

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8 Ways You Can Lose Weight Fast At Home Without Exercise

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