Want To Juice Your 40 Pounds Off? Here Are Some Surefire Tips

Who doesn’t love fruit juice? It’s tasty and the fact that it’s all natural makes you think that you’re the healthiest person in the world. Exploring the lose 40 pounds liquid diet is more of cleansing than weight loss. It’s a necessary step to clean the intestines and flush off toxins that slow down the metabolism. Instead of commercially formulated detox drinks, you can also try juicing and see if it works for you.

But before I proceed, I want you to know that juicing removes much fiber from the fruit. Nevertheless, it’s recommended for fewer calories and easier intake.

1. Check if you’re ready to start

Juicing might be fun but it won’t be once you started feeling lethargic after swapping it with a meal. Before adopting juicing into your cleanse diet, make sure that this will fit on your calorie count limit. That way, you can choose the fruits and veggies you love without hurting the weight loss plan.

As much that this will help you lose weight, you should know that it should be paired with solid foods from time to time.

2. Don’t swap meals with juice right away

Replacing meals with juice might not be for everyone so I suggest that you think it over before jumping in. You can start by having it as your day snack before you swap with a full meal. Juices help prevent hunger and if you drink it in place of a meal, you’re going to lose more pounds.

You can try it at first, but once you’re in it for long, you should try to sustain it until you gain the target weight. Changing meal plans for time to time will result in weight gain.

lose 40 pounds liquid diet

3. Juice more vegetables on your lose 40 pounds liquid diet

Vegetables are high in water content and have fewer amounts of calories. I suggest that you pack your juices with greens to get ample supply of nutrients. You can also try making green juice with celery, kale, and other ingredients.

The only downside here is that celery and other green vegetables won’t really taste good. With that, you can add a fruit or two to mask the taste. It can be apples, beets, or your choice of fruits.

4. Choose organically grown fruits and vegetables

Organic ingredients are those that aren’t exposed to chemicals and strong fertilizers. These non-GMO fruits and vegetables have more nutrients than those commercially available ones. If you want, you can grow some in your garden if you have a green thumb.

You would want to avoid artificial chemicals, as it might be poisonous to your body. This will be an irony on your cleansing plan. However, organic fruits and veggies might be more costly than those available in the market.

5. List down a variety of recipes

Don’t repeat lose 40 pounds liquid diet juices, as you’ll likely get tired of it after a week. I suggest that you create a list of your choices so you have something to look forward to every day. You can have green juice on Monday, Lemon and Apple on Tuesday, Beets on Wednesday, and so on. The important thing here is you enjoy your juices than considering it as a weight loss obligation.

There are specific juice recipes like one dedicated to your workout, meals, cardio, or just mere refreshment.

lose 40 pounds liquid diet

6. Drink the juice before your meal

Asian myths tell us that drinking or eating fruits on an empty stomach will spoil our tummy. The fact is it’s the other way around. If you eat your meal first before consuming juices, the food in your stomach will spoil and increase the acid level on your belly.

Empty stomachs absorb nutrients faster that’s why you have to drink the juice before eating the meal. If you don’t, you might have digestive issues and recurrent visits to the bathroom.

7. Pair it with exercise

If you want to lose 40 pounds in a flash with juicing, never forget to exercise. On the first weeks of juicing, I’m certain that you’ll see obvious results. But you won’t keep it that way if you won’t stay active. Do cardio routines to have your blood pumping and your fats burning.

Afterward, you can treat yourself to a glassful of yummy juice. Lemon and Apple are the best lose 40 pounds liquid diet juice but it will always depend on your choice.

8. Let your friends know

When you feel extremely hungry, you might lose your grip on the juice diet. It’s important that you let your close friends know that you’re on a strict juicing diet so they can stop you before you make a mistake.

This is important so you’ll make it in nick of time after two months. Having people serving as your physical restraints will be helpful once your mind tricks your taste buds.

lose 40 pounds liquid diet

9. Prepare for lots of peeing

Juice contains lots of water so expect that you’re going to pee a lot if you don’t sweat. This might be bothersome if you’re doing something but just think about it as a sign that toxins are packing out of your body. The important thing here is that you’re releasing the excess.

It’s advisable that you drink juice as a workout refreshment so you won’t be bothered at work of the peeing.  Anyway, it’s just a little sacrifice for the 40 pounds.

10. Watch out for too much sugar

Some fruits have high sugar content so you better watch out for that. Sugar can make you gain weight if you take it out of control. This is why it’s important to juice more greens and just have fruits as added taste. Still, sugary fruits won’t hurt if taken in moderation.

Lose 40 pounds liquid diet fads are famous not because of how fancy these look but how effective these are. Juicing is the best way to cleanse before going full blast on a weight loss journey. If you know how to pair the ingredients right, you’ll enjoy it more than you imagine. Have you been planning to try juicing? Let us know your thoughts!

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Want To Juice Your 40 Pounds Off? Here Are Some Surefire Tips

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