Simple Exercise Routines To Burn Your 40 lbs Away Really Fast

The first thing that will come to mind when you think of losing 40 pounds is a gym nightmare. But I’m telling you right now that losing the excess in two months time can be possible with simple exercises. It can be as simple as planning to lose 40 pounds by running, or swimming, or jumping rope. Any way you look at it, the exercises I listed here are easy, convenient, and can be done in the comfort of your home.

The trick here is sticking to the routine come hell or high waters. This is the biggest challenge among those trying to lose weight. And the sad part is that many individuals fail to achieve this because of lack of discipline.

If you can promise to stay true to the routine, here are some that you can utilize:

1. Riding a bicycle

If you got the knack for the wheels, start riding the bike daily as your exercise routine. This is the best routine if you have a belly flab you want to get rid of without the need for running or walking. The best part would be if your place is near a nice view or a morning destination for people.

Biking can help you burn 600 calories an hour. That’s a very big dent in your calorie intake without the impact that other routines incur on your body. If you practice proper warm-up drills and you don’t have back injuries, you have nothing to worry about.

2. Jumping rope

When I first thought of trying jumping rope into my exercise routine, I thought it would be a piece of cake. But for me who hasn’t excelled on it as a kid, I had a hard time. I got tangled in the rope and got no rhythm in place. But after several tries and almost quitting, I set the pace and enjoyed it for long. This is better than choosing to lose 40 pounds by running.

The best thing about this routine is it makes you sweat a lot even at your home. And true enough, it burns 1,000 calories an hour! That’s massive and you don’t even need to hit the gym to get the same result.

lose 40 pounds by running

3. Gym rowing

This isn’t the simplest of those listed here but it’s definitely way simpler than having to do a series of push-ups, crunches, and rigorous strength training. You can buy your own equipment or you can just enroll in the gym to do this routine. If you got it right and steady, you can burn as much as 840 calories an hour. A great option if you’re not a fan of jumping ropes.

Rowing has less impact and won’t injure you if you don’t have underlying health issues. It’s a perfect replacement for other routines since it flexes your whole body.

4. Running

If you’re looking for the most convenient routine, nothing beats running on the efficiency and convenience aspect. It’s an easy 600 calories an hour routine if you’re planning to lose 40 pounds by running. Even after you run, your body will still experience fat-burning effects within 24 hours. This is due to the spike in your metabolic rate.

However, running might not be a good thing if you have knee injuries. An hour of it can be stressing to the joints too. Anyway, practice regular warm-ups and don’t run too long if you haven’t run before. With that, you can avoid injuries.

5. Sports

If you’re a sports guy or gal, making your sports hobby a workout routine will be a convenient choice. You can do basketball, volleyball, or taekwondo and burn at least 500 calories an hour. If you want an individual sport, you can try boxing with a punching bag.

If you have friends that can help you out, you can invite them along to have a game with you. This would be a worthwhile routine as you get to lose weight while you bond with your loved ones. You can still do this even if you’re not the sporty type. Just look for a coach and start dribbling the fats out.

lose 40 pounds by running

6. Weights

Lifting dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells are effective in shedding pounds. You can do this outside of the gym by just walking holding two small dumbbells or doing crunches with it. You can also lose 40 pounds by running with dumbbells. The key here is being creative so you get to burn more calories from your routine.

Kettlebells, for example, can burn 20 calories a minute when you use it in an exercise. This is preferred by many as it’s easier to hold than dumbbells. If you’re a total beginner, don’t try lifting a barbell right away. This one takes a lot of training and if you try, you’re going to end up with serious injuries.

7. Swimming

Let that butterfly stroke make the fats fly away. Swimming is an enjoyable routine and did you know that you could burn 600 calories per hour on it? Yes, that’s how powerful this refreshing routine is. Michael Phelps is enough of a proof here and if you want a routine that doesn’t make you sweat, this is a unique choice.

You should alternate with strokes to maximize every muscle part of your body and target unwanted fats. But just like any other routines, practice it with caution so you can avoid cramps and other injuries that it may result in.

8. Aerobics

Yes, that groove of yours can be the key to burn 40 pounds in two months. Aerobics awakens your whole body and makes you sweat a lot. That alone is enough to burn you about 400 calories an hour for the low-impact type. And as you know, aerobic classes are great avenues to meet fitness friends.

Dancing is a great stress-reliever and the weight loss part is a big bonus.

Planning to lose 40 pounds by running, swimming or any other routine here is effective. If you stick to it and practice enough precautions, you’re going to be slimmer and slimmer each day. If you do so, we’ll be happy to know about your fitness story!

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Simple Exercise Routines To Burn Your 40 lbs Away Really Fast

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