10 Habits Every Successful Fitness Enthusiast Does

Losing weight relies on the habits you practice. If those are unhealthy ones, it might be time for a change. To lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks, you should start doing routines successful fitness buffs does. This may entail a lot of lifestyle change on your end, but it will largely pay off in the end. There might be many distractions, but you should start to learn how to fight it and win the weight loss journey. Always remember that lost pounds are regained confidence.

If you’re eager to change your old habits, read on!

1. Start with your eating habits

Many weight loss plans fail because of hunger anxiety. You should keep in mind that losing weight isn’t just about eating less, it’s about eating healthier foods. If you love junk foods, ice cream, and burgers, you should learn to keep it in the least amount.

You should make sure that you’re getting enough portion of protein, fiber, and vitamins. Find healthy substitutes to junk foods and stop splurging on it too. Remember that eating habits will largely affect your weight.

2. Know what “cheat days” is all about

Cheat days aren’t good on a weight loss plan, but “cheat meals” are. Fitness experts say that practicing the 90/10 meal plan will boost your metabolism and confidence. This includes eating 90% healthy food and 10% cheat food. It could be a few fries or a slice of pizza.

It might be tempting to go beyond the small serving, but you should have the discipline. Be thankful that there’s a leeway for your guilty pleasures so might as well follow the rule. Again, this is all about developing a good habit to lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks.

3. Take it easy on the weighing scale

Checking on the weighing scale can be an addictive habit but keep in mind that it can be harmful too. Emotional stress can increase your hunger hormones and give you the urge to eat. It’s okay to check on the scale once a day, but don’t let it rule your weight loss plan. Take note that weight can fluctuate over time and a small slip might just be a normal scenario.

Stop obsessing with the scale and don’t let it define your progress.

lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks

4. Never compare your weight loss journey to others

Comparing yourself with others’ progress will shatter your confidence. Some people have a faster metabolism so never think that you’re lagging behind. Every weight loss journey is different and it’s normal to be behind or ahead in the same plan.

It’s fine to have someone to look up to but don’t allow it to frustrate you. Be clear on your goals and routines. This way, you’ll have a strong resolve and confidence in what you do.

5. Losing weight isn’t your world

Losing weight is just a part of your life. Don’t let it overshadow everything that you do. Go out with friends, have fun, but don’t forget to count your calories. It might be a hard task at first, but you’ll get used to it after a few weeks. Balance everything so you’ll still enjoy your weight loss plan. You should remember that you have to avoid stress as much as possible lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks.

Don’t burn yourself out with the changes you have to make. Take it one step at a time.

6. A diary will be your bosom buddy

When everything else comes to worse, a journal will be a big help. Here, you can jot down all your frustrations and it can also serve as a planning site. Take note of your meals and routines so you’ll get to track your progress and slips. A weight loss diary can be a distraction if you feel like eating ahead of schedule.

It doesn’t have to be well-written, either. Just take it easy and just enjoy this activity.

7. Weight loss is pound after pound

Many weight loss buffs will attest to this. You should never rush your weight loss program because it will be very unhealthy. Stick to your plan and never indulge in crash diets. Any unhealthy eating plans won’t do good. It can burn your fats real quick but it will creep back the moment you resume your normal lifestyle.

Be patient and take the challenge pound after pound. With this, you’ll have more chance of retaining your weight loss after four weeks.

lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks

8. Cook your food at home

Eating in a restaurant exposes you to temptations and hidden calories. It’s advisable to cook your foods at home. If your friends are inviting you for an eat-out, you can suggest that you do the cooking and just gather at your house. This is way safer and comfortable for you to lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks.

Also, cooking your own food gives you total control over the ingredients. Some restos can lie in exchange for a sale so it’s best to prepare it yourself. Anyway, eating outside once in a while won’t hurt if you’re careful.

9. Close the kitchen after each meal

This doesn’t mean that you’ll barricade your kitchen to avoid food (well, it’s amazing if you can). Instead, you just have to throw away all the leftovers and wash all the dishes. This way, you can resist the temptation of taking one more bite. The absence of extra food is the best way to fight the urge to eat more.

10. Eating and drinking have equal importance

You are what you eat, and you’re also what you drink. It’s easy to overlook this fact when planning your meals. Remember that liquid calories are harder to burn than those that came from solid foods. Nothing beats water in refreshing your body with zero calories, fats, and sweeteners.

Instead of buying commercial fruit juices, it’s best to make your own. The more organic, the better.

It’s possible to lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks if you change bad habits. It could be hard at the start but once you realize how rewarding it could be, your journey will be more worthwhile. Are you starting a weight loss plan? Let us know in the comment section!

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10 Habits Every Successful Fitness Enthusiast Does

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