Hassle free weight loss? Here’s the Secret To Lose 20 Lbs in 30 Days!

Weight loss is always stereotyped as a penitence for eating so much. It may not be your fault-or maybe it is- but weight loss can be more worthwhile than how you imagine it. You can lose 20 pounds in 30 days without the stress most fitness enthusiasts experience on their first try.

You don’t actually have to start on the weighing scale. Weighing scales are the most stressing thing about weight loss that I will suggest you skip it first. If you’re planning now, here are some points you can make use of.

1. Start with a journal

Journaling is like making a diary out of your weight loss journey. Aside from writing down your anguish thoughts about your extra pounds, you should also make this as an avenue for planning. Here, you should log your progress every day so the numbers and measurements will guide you.

Your journal should also include the foods you’ll eat for the day. This will be easier for you to look back and check what went wrong on your diet.

2. Know the numbers

Most of the time, fitness buffs would have to cut about 500 calories a day to experience the onset of weight loss. Depending on your current weight, you’ll need to know how to calculate your calories. Once you cut the food, weight loss will be an exponential event on the first days. But to keep it off, you need to maintain or even restrict the diet.

Fitness coaches can help with this stuff if you really don’t know a thing about how to lose 20 pounds in 30 days.

lose 20 pounds in 30 days

3. Get yourself a pedometer

As simple as it is, the pedometer will help you track your steps and possibly convert it into a calorie burning activity. Incur at least 10,000 steps a day to burn at least 500+ calories. If you have the time, you can run for an hour to burn 600 calories.

A pedometer will always help if you’re a busy person. It will track how active you are during the day or if you need some catching up. If you can’t buy, you can use a phone app but make sure that you always bring it with you.

4. Ditch dairy products

Most dairy products are sweetened, and as you know, sugar makes you fat. You should start ditching your “dairy habit” to reduce unnecessary calorie intake. You should switch to vegetables and fruits. Start by purging your fridge with these and add meat to your protein supply plus a little bit of milk too. You don’t have to go cold turkey, just put it in a minimum to lose 20 pounds in 30 days. Aside from these, include on your shopping list only the low-fat cuts unless you’re on a keto diet.

5. Practice strength training

Start fighting your flab with toned muscles. Strength training will do this effectively in just a couple of sessions. Two days of this exercise routine is enough so you won’t tax your body too much. Use resistance bands, and weights to make every routine more effective.

There are simple strength training routines that you can do at home. You should make sure to flex different body parts to maximize the fat-burning effect. Still, don’t push your body too much to avoid injuries.

6. Don’t forget to rest

I mean it when I said weight loss should be hassle-free. Take a day off your routine once a week to allow your body to recover. Too much stress on your muscles will cause injuries and if such happens, your entire plan will be botched.

However, I want to deliver the bad news that there are no rest days on calorie counting. But you can have a cheat meal of 90/10 where 10% is composed of unhealthy foods. Just promise that you’ll do this in moderation.

7. Know what foods you should avoid

Say goodbye to pizza nights and binge eating at McDonald’s. These are unhealthy foods you should avoid to lose 20 pounds in a matter of four weeks. You should also purge your fridge of canned foods, frozen goods, and items that are chemically processed.

This isn’t meant to punish you for gaining weight and to lose 20 pounds in 30 days. Avoiding these foods will help you cut unnecessary calories that will hinder your weight loss. You can find a free calorie calculator to check every food items you have.

lose 20 pounds in 30 days

8. Stick to the plan

Of all the tips I listed here, sticking to the plan might be the hardest thing to do. There are many distractions in your environment and anytime, you can snap and break the rules. A month can be short but it’s longer for someone who wants to shed 20 pounds.

Breaking the rules once is almost equivalent to breaking the rules repeatedly. You’ll never know it but you’ll be exposed to more temptations in the future. You can place written reminders in your house. This is a very effective tool for me on whatever goals I have.

9. Sweat a lot

In this 30-day journey, sweating will be your bosom buddy. You should sweat actively and not just in a sauna. Sweating while doing strength training or cardio routines means that you are burning fats and removing retained water.

You can bike, run, or jog in the morning or you can also practice jumping jacks inside the house. As long as you can think of ways to stretch your body and break a sweat, do so. This is your body’s way of burning fats and releasing the trapped toxins in the skin.

10. Think sexy!

Yes, think sexy! Forget about your flabs, as long as you think you’re headed to being sexy, you’re going to achieve it. I remember my college professor telling the class, “what you focus on expands”. Not your fats, but your weight loss will expand.

For you to lose 20 pounds in 30 days, you have to be dedicated. This will be easier and less hassle for your part but you have to promise to stick to it. After 30 days, you’ll see the result of your effort and I’m sure that you’re going to love it.

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Hassle free weight loss? Here’s the Secret To Lose 20 Lbs in 30 Days!

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