10 Practices That Will Make Keto Diet Work For Your Extra 40 Lbs

High in fat and low in carbs. This is the main idea of the ketogenic diet to make you lose weight without the need to starve and deprive yourself of food. Reduced carb intake is important in lessening the insulin levels in the body that’s the number one fat-storing protein in the bloodstream. But before you jump into the diet fad, you should know some points about keto diet plan for beginners.

Our body will produce less insulin through ketones. This is why it’s called the ketogenic diet where our body undergoes ketosis. Here are some points you need to know to make it work for your weight loss:

1. Detox first

The last thing you would want to suffer from is the keto flu while in the midst of this fad. Keto flu happens when the absence of large carb content sends your digestive system into havoc. But you can avoid this if you detox yourself first. Any bowel movement issues will hinder the body from going into the ketosis stage.

There are many detox products out there like the Dr. Tobias Colon detox which will flush all the wastes from your system.

2. Develop a better sleeping habit

Sleep early and wake up early. This is the safest bet if you’re a person who loves pulling an all-nighter. Improper sleeping habits won’t just worsen the eyebags you have but increase your stress levels and weaken the body. It will also increase your food cravings during the keto diet plan for beginners.

It’s always advisable to sleep in a dark room to stimulate the release of melatonin in the brain. If you really find it hard to sleep, it’s still not advisable to take sleeping pills. It might be hard but you need to make this adjustment.

keto diet plan for beginners

3. Drink enough water

As part of your body cleansing, you need to keep yourself hydrated. There’s no best drink for that than water. Before you eat your breakfast, you should drink a glass of water to wash off the toxins that are left from last night’s dinner.

Scatter the water intake during the day. You can also have a cup of tea or natural fruit juice if you’re tired of water. If you’re busy and can’t get a tumbler all the time, it’s best to set an alarm for it or use a mobile app.

4. Try fasting

During your keto diet, you should practice intermittent fasting. But you should remember to mind the keto principle of keeping carbs at the lowest possible amount of 20 grams. If you’re not eating, you should stay hydrated with water, tea, or juice. I think this is the consolation with the lack of food.

Since you’ll not be eating for about 16 hours, you should either sleep or drink a lot of water. That way, you can compensate for the hunger or conserve your energy for the day.

5. Keto diet plan for beginners: Ingest more salt

When you start ditching carbs, your body lacks a lot of electrolytes. This is why you should take more salts to sustain the body. But this doesn’t mean that you’ll eat teaspoon after teaspoon of salts in one sitting. You should eat it with your meals from vegetables or sprinkled table salt.

You should only take up to five grams of added salt per day. The Himalayan pink salt is the best as you can easily control its amount. One teaspoon of Himalayan salt has two grams of sodium in it.

keto diet plan for beginners

6. Don’t splurge on protein

Protein helps tone your muscles but you shouldn’t overconsume it. Too much protein can impede ketosis and instead put you in the gluconeogenesis state. Some people react positively to excess protein so you should check if it works for you too.

The safe bet here is one gram of protein per kilo of your body weight. This will sustain the needs of your body but you should cut back if you’ve been sedentary for long. You should try this and see what works for you best. I suggest that you consult with a fitness coach first.

7. Learn how carbs work

Keto diet still allows the consumption of carbs but in a very low amount. You can eat starchy fruits or veggies instead of potato or rice. Berries aren’t advisable too. The best thing here is keto diet has a rest day. You should eat low carb meals for six days then high-carbs on the seventh day. This will require a lot of math so you better have a carb calculator on your keto diet plan for beginners.

You should also research for this for deeper understanding and carb knowledge.

8. Always check if you’re in ketosis

The only way to know if you’re successful in implementing keto diet is through keto strips. You can get Smack Fat Strips and pee on it. If the strip shows a very dark purple, it means that you have very high ketone levels that are not really good for your health. The safe level is either light purple or pink.

Before you purchase, avoid using cheap strips. This won’t give you best results and may mislead your diet.

keto diet plan for beginners

9. Don’t forget to exercise

Even if you’ll be cutting carbs, you have to exercise and keep your body active. This is so your fats won’t eat up your muscles. Glucose transportation will be faster with an active body to avoid fat storage. Walking or jogging is enough for a dose of exercise. You should rest for the weekend or at least two days in a week. This is so your body will recover.

10. Know the miracle of MCT oil

MCT oil helps burn excess carbs that you’ll take. This will make the keto diet easier for you. If you’re making smoothies or cooking your meals, you can add MCT oil. This also keeps the ketone supply in check to maintain the ketosis stage.

A keto diet plan for beginners or long-time fitness buffs will only work if you’re doing it right. You should keep in mind some simple yet crucial practices to make sure that ketosis is in the works. What do you think of these tips? Let us know in the comment section!

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10 Practices That Will Make Keto Diet Work For Your Extra 40 Lbs

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