How To Resist Cravings

A lot of people who start dieting do not know how to resist cravings. This is a sad fact, which usually makes a lot of persons to simply give up and restart eating what they should not. The craving for food stems from your most basic biological desire to survive. Hungry served as a useful biological tool that pushed man to hunt and to gather, to farm and to harvest. But in today’s day and age, things are much different. Rather than having to go hunt, gather, or farm to get our food (which served as a very, very good work out), we simply open up the pantry and we probably go out to eat.

How To Resist Cravings

Resisting Cravings

On top of that our food in the last decade has dramatically changed, in that, today our food is loaded with artifical preservatives and pesticides that our body is not use to having, and ends up adding fat. The craving for sweets is a perfect example of how our helpful evolutionary craving has turned into something it was never intended to do. The craving for sweets was actually not meant to crave candy bars, but rather fruit. Unfortunately, our junk food cravings and in some cases addictions have gotten out of hand. So what can we do about it? How can we overcome these cravings?

How To resist Cravings

In the next part of the article, we will list 6 ways to resist cravings.

1. Identify your craving.

I mean literally spend a day or two thinking about and identifying your major junk food cravings. You then must write these down.Writing them down cements them in your mind and helps you to focus on them. Then next to each food item write down the situation that usually arouses the craving in you. For example, if every time you go to the movies you have candy bars – write down “at the movies.” Then once you have come up with a list of your top cravings, write down every reason you can think of, of why you don’t want to eat it. Write down how you feel afterwards –  how disgusted and disappointed you are for having given into your craving. Then below that, write down how good you feel if you resist your craving and choose something healthier. This is one of the best solution to the how to resist cravings problem.

2. Make a decision to resist your cravings.

This is the all important step. It is more than just a decision –  it is a resolution. Tell your self exactly what you have decided and why. Then write it down and post it in a frequently visited spot: bathroom, hallway, car, etc.

3. Remove the temptation.

Throw it away! Get a big plastic garbage bag and empty your pantry, car, office, etc. of your temptation. For example if you get a terrible craving for chips and you have a bag of chips in your pantry, well then throw it away. You made the decision, now it is time to act on it.

4. Substitute.

For example, if you have a killer temptation to for something sweet, then you should find a healthy substitute, ie: a sweet fruit. If you just look you will find tons of healthy substitutes that you enjoy eating. If you do this step correctly and find a great tasting healthy substitute, your transition away from that food will be extremely easy. (Be careful though to make sure that it is actually a healthy food. Food companies can be extremely deceptive so always double and triple check. As a golden rule, the less ingredients the better.) We believe this is one of the hardest part of the journey on how to resist cravings.

5. Be prepared.

This means that you should always have a game plan before you enter a situation. If you are going out to eat, figure out what you will eat and how will resist your temptation. Then follow trough. Always remind yourself of why you don’t want to eat the food, and how good you feel when you don’t.

PRO TIP: Sometimes, you need to do something in order to be able to forget about guilty pleasures. In this article about Zumba, we talk about why it is a good way of losing weight and right now we believe that it can also become a very good distraction from your cravings.

6. Never give up.

I hope this goes with out saying, but no matter what happens, no matter how many times you give in, never give up. Stick with your decision and always keep on trying.

It will definitely be very hard at times, but if you follow through, prepare your self, find a substitute, and never give up – you will succeed. If you want us to keep in touch, you know what to do: go and like our Facebook page. Now  that you read the article, you know how to resist cravings.

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How To Resist Cravings

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