10 Personal Tips To Maintain Your Weight Loss Even After Two Months

Your weight loss journey should never stop after clinching the target weight. It should be a lifelong commitment to stick to healthy living to keep fats at bay. If that’s a good thing or a bad thing for you, I wouldn’t know. But all I know is this: nothing is more fulfilling than enjoying your hard-earned waistline for a long time. With that, you’re asking, how to maintain weight loss?

Here’s the thing: maintaining is no different in losing the pounds. It’s like continuing the same thing but with a few tweaks.

1. Discipline is the key

Discipline is king and it rings true to your 40-pounder achievement. Once you shed it off, you should continue the discipline you developed along the way. This includes the entirety of your lifestyle: how you eat, what you eat, what your routines are, and so on.

You can indulge in cheat days from time to time by applying the 90/10 rule. Having a smaller waistline shouldn’t be a temptation to go beyond that. Remember, fats are easier to gain than to burn.

2. Plan your meals ahead

Shedding 40 pounds shouldn’t get you off the hook of meal planning. You should eat healthy by buying the right ingredients for your food. You should have the same level of diligence to count your calories and always have a set of meals for the day.

Never take chances on fast food or processed food. From breakfast to dinner, you should have a clear list of what you’re going to eat. I don’t intend to be a control freak, but this is necessary to maintain the weight loss.

how to maintain weight loss

3. Remind yourself of the endless goal

The endless goal on how to maintain weight loss is to be healthy and free of unwanted fats. There’s nothing wrong with having a little flab, but you should make sure that it won’t go beyond the unhealthy level. There are people who really can’t be skinny thin and I think it’s important to say that this normal even after shedding 40 pounds.

Just remind yourself that you have an endless goal of staying within your weight limit. This will be important on tempting days when binge eating is such a convenient thing to do.

4. Healthy living, a lifestyle

Healthy living should no longer be a responsibility for you after two months. This should be a way of life you’ll fully embrace. Accepting by heart that you can’t splurge on fatty burgers is a great relief on your part. This would also be easier than having to restrain yourself on the yummy smell of grilled beef.

Aside from eating, you should also remember that exercising should be part of your daily life. There’s no stopping here if you want to keep that figure.

5. How to maintain weight loss? Always keep in check with the scale

Standing on the weighing scale gives this feeling of satisfaction. To know that you no longer dread the days of stepping into the machine is relieving. The numbers are impactful reminders that you’ve done something big and you have to keep it that way.

However, don’t obsess too much on the scale. Check yourself once a day and don’t let it bother your mind. There will be weight fluctuations but I can say that it’s pretty normal if you’re doing your routine right.

how to maintain weight loss

6. No to distracted eating

Never go back to your old habits of texting, watching TV, or emailing while you eat or exercise. Distracted eating makes you eat more and exercise less. With that, you’ll gain weight instead of maintaining your losses.

Doctors had proved it that distracted eating might be linked to obesity rates in the U.S. If you want to keep yourself out of the statistics, it’s advisable that you focus on your routines and do all the smartphone and TV matters afterward.

7. Water, water, water

Before, during, and after a weight loss plan, drinking enough water is always the best thing to do. It cleanses your body and keeps your metabolism in check if you’re wondering how to maintain weight loss. Staying hydrated is important to increase your resting calorie burns.

Water is also refreshing with zero calories, unlike sports drinks or beer that you might have in the fridge. Sometimes, you can take a break with a can of beer, but make sure that you have a plan to burn it. Otherwise, liquid calories will settle in your gut to plan the revenge.

8. Never skip breakfast

Doctors and dieticians already said this a million times. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it supplies the energy you need to jumpstart your day. Proceeding on your day with an empty stomach will result in excessive eating in the later hours of the day.

Such thing would lead to weight gain since sleeping doesn’t burn many calories as much as an active body does. Plan your breakfast ahead so you can surely eat in the morning.

how to maintain weight loss

9. Tone your muscles

Muscles are fat burners, and when you have it call carved and toned, unwanted fats have no place in your body. Practice strength training along with your simple routines to keep your muscles flexing. Flexing your hamstrings and biceps is important to burn settling fast right away.

Aside from being healthy, toning your muscles little by little will give you the six-pack abs you’re dreaming of. Quite a work, huh?

10. Don’t stress out

Stress is one of the main causes of weight loss failures. When your cortisol hormones shoot up, it will demand you to find ways to pacify it. It can be eating, staying up late, or a combination of both. The by-product of this situation isn’t lovely.

Find ways to prep yourself up when you think you’re getting too stressed. Practice breathing techniques or the six-minute me-time.

How to maintain weight loss? It isn’t that hard if you have the discipline. These tips I listed here can be improved with your own version of ways to keep fats away. I’m sure you want to add something. Share it with us in the comment section!

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10 Personal Tips To Maintain Your Weight Loss Even After Two Months

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