Dance Your Fats Away: How To Lose Weight With Zumba At Home

By far, Zumba dancing is one of the famous means of exercise. It’s a fun option since there will be large gatherings and a massive dance session later on. Many individuals who are trying to lose weight find a support group on their Zumba classes. But what if you can’t attend such outdoor sessions? How to lose weight with Zumba at home?

Fret not. Doing Zumba sessions on your own can be as effective as doing it with a class and in a studio. You can invite friends from time to time to level up the fun of your workout session. But how can Zumba exactly do the fat-burning job?

You dance your fats away

Many fitness enthusiasts view Zumba as bringing the party into your workout. This is true since it involves a lot of dancing where you get to pick your choice of music if you’re doing it at home. If you pair it with a cut on your calorie intake, you can expect a drastic weight loss just through following a Zumba routine.

But it’s not always a black and white concept. There are other factors that will affect your weight loss which is as follows.

Your current weight has something to do with it

Your size and the intensity of the workout will dictate the pounds you’re going to lose in a specific timeframe. So if you want to know how to lose weight with Zumba at home, you probably have to practice a high-intensity Zumba session to match your current weight.

how to lose weight with Zumba at home

You also have to set a specific calorie deficit to have an accelerated weight loss. A cutback of at least 3,500 calories a week is guaranteed to make you lose weight without exercise. But there’s a limit to dieting. You have to keep moving.


You have to pick up the pace

Practicing Zumba is all about pacing, but not just on the dance floor. You have to pick up a lifestyle pace that includes a cut on your calories, workout intensity, and the schedule of the Zumba sessions. You have to jump with two feet into the boat if you want Zumba to work for you. Such pace also includes sticking to a healthy diet come hell or high waters.

As you see, you can sweat all you want through Zumba dancing but if you keep on binge-eating, it won’t serve its purpose.

Get yourself a complete Zumba kit

A Zumba kit consists of dance lessons and videos that you can perform in the comfort of your home. There are DVD kits that you can purchase instead of going to studio classes. This way, you can enjoy the freedom of scheduling your Zumba sessions. If you want structured sessions, you can join live classes online. You can always find a class on the web that suits your preference as to how to lose weight with Zumba at home.

There are Zumba videos that use different apparatus like sticks, control wraps, and more to increase the weight loss effect.

Create a Zumba calendar

Like any other workout class, you have to keep an eye on your progress. This can take place through a calendar if you’re into Zumba dancing. This method of losing weight won’t magically burn your fats away. You have to tally how many times a week you do Zumba and how long per session.

Scheduling could be a loathsome task but it will ensure that you’re making the most out of your session. Also, you shouldn’t perform Zumba only when it suits you. Come up with a schedule and follow it no matter what.

You also devote time to meal planning

Like what I said, you need to pick up the pace when incorporating Zumba into your workout. You also need to plan your meals to ensure that it won’t defeat the purpose of your dancing hobby. Meal plans can also be listed on your Zumba calendar so you have one book to open as your weight loss plan.

how to lose weight with Zumba at home


Of course, knowing how to lose weight with Zumba at home comes with its share of challenges. But it shouldn’t discount you from trying it out as a fun way of losing weight. However, you have to deal with the following truths:

You have to set the intensity

The more pounds you have to lose, the more intense the Zumba should be. But hey, don’t overdo it or push yourself to the extreme. You just have to up it a bit to make sure that you’re breaking a sweat and burning fats. This is the reason why you really should purchase a Zumba kit.

Zumba does not incorporate strength training

The only downside about Zumba is it does purely aerobics and cardio stuff but not strength training. You need strength training to solidify your core, improve muscle mass, and burn more fats. Nevertheless, it’s not advisable that you perform strength training every day. You can squeeze some routines of this nature about two to three times a week while taking a break from your Zumba sessions.

The 1000-calorie per hour fat burns is just a myth

There’s one myth that surrounds the Zumba community: the 1,000-calorie per hour burn. But here’s the brutal truth, it’s far from being realistic. No exercise can burn such amount of calories in a very short time. The 1,000-calorie idea is a pure exaggeration and probably a marketing ploy to entice individuals to enroll in a Zumba class.

Still, Zumba can burn you an average of 350 calories per hour. Not bad for such a fun session of showing off your grooves.

If you’re thinking of using Zumba as your means of losing weight, go on and give it a try. It’s a fun way to exercise plus you also get to perform your hobby of dancing. The best part is there’s a way on how to lose weight with Zumba at home and still reap the same benefits from classes.

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Dance Your Fats Away: How To Lose Weight With Zumba At Home

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