Lose Weight On Your Thighs With These Easy Hacks

Voluptuous thighs are big confidence busters. Take it from me who has to go back to a shop twice just to find the right size for the pair of shorts I bought. It’s not just about the waistline; it’s more of looking for leggings, pants, or shorts that won’t choke my fat thighs. And during that moment, I have one question in mind: how to lose weight on your thighs?

I’m a hefty eater and I must admit that sometimes, I don’t regret devouring half a box of pizza. These unhealthy foods are divine but it also makes me fat, including my thighs.

Why Spot Toning Doesn’t Work

Okay, so here’s one thing about losing weight: you can’t choose parts of your body where you want to lose weight. It’s a general approach as your body will equally reduce fat cells across the body. Doing routines with the intent of losing weight solely on your thighs isn’t a realistic concept. So what are we going to do?

Losing weight on your thighs is almost no different from typical weight loss except for inner thigh toning (you’ll learn about this later on).

1.Climb it up!

Increasing the incline of your treadmill or biking on an elevated terrain is a good fat burner for your thighs. You can also run or walk on steep hills but make sure that you perform warm-up drills to avoid injuries on your knees and ankles. You can also climb up on stairs at a fast pace so you’ll feel the burning sensation on your legs. This is due to the stretching your glutes and buns are experiencing. Doing this will burn more calories and build more muscles than walking on a flat surface.

how to lose weight on your thighs

2. Do some cardio

Cardio is the quintessential workout for weight loss. It speeds up your heart rate that, in turn, burns fats and promote muscle health. How to lose weight on your thighs through this? The more your heart is pumping, the more calories you burn. You also get to strengthen your cardiovascular system. If you have the time, you can run, walk, or cycle for 30 minutes. You can also jump rope if you can’t go out of your house.

The Centers for Disease Control recommends that you incur an average of two hours and 30 minutes of cardio per week.

3. Monitor your meals

Of course, you can’t lose weight by simply moving. You have to target one of the main reasons why you keep beefing up those fat cells. Ditch the unhealthy foods from your diet and swap with it organic, healthier options. It’s best to eat up to five small meals a day instead of skipping one main meal just to cut on the calories. Such habit would only lead to more cravings and triggered appetite.

4. How to lose weight on your thighs: Drink lots of water

With all the exercise that you’re doing, the last thing that should happen is you being dehydrated. Gulp glassfuls of water like you mean it and try to drink at least two liters per day. The more you sweat, the more fluids you need to compensate for the water you lost.

Water also has the ability to increase the resting calorie burns of the body. This means that you lose calories, though small, even if you’re just sitting. Not bad for a glass of cold, refreshing H20.

how to lose weight on your thighs

5. Sleep tight

The culprit as to why you have insatiable cravings is your habit of staying up late. Lack of sleep increases your stress levels which will trigger hunger signals in the brain. The result spells trouble for your weight loss as well as your thighs that can grow bigger when you neglect your diet.

If you can, clock at least eight hours of quality sleep. Avoid oversleeping on weekends too as chaotic sleep schedules can wreak havoc on your weight. Waking up a few times while sleeping isn’t good as well as it disrupts REM where you get the most restful slumber.

6. Strength training is the way to go

Strength training is an excellent combination of your cardio routines. It will strengthen your core and burn more fats. If you’re worried about building so many muscles that it makes your thighs look bulky, you can seek the help of a fitness trainer. That person can help assess your physical needs, especially when it comes to the thigh department. How to lose weight on your thighs? Got to do some strenuous drill.

But whatever it is that you plan to do, strength training is a must-do to lose excess weight regardless of the body parts you want to focus on.

how to lose weight on your thighs

7. Eat cLEAN

Eating cLEAN means you’re going to switch to a “cleaner” diet that is packed with “lean” options. Lean meat has a lower fat component which makes it a good source of protein. Of course, you also need plant-based protein but as an omnivorous being, humans need to have a dose of animal protein from time to time.

When getting your supplies, choose leaner cuts of meats. You can also pack your kitchen with eggs, salmon, tuna, and more healthy food items. Go for energy foods that will boost your energy without too many calories.

8. Inner thigh toning

After changing your diet and moving as much as you could, you can level up your thigh fat-burning routines. Try the inner thigh toning where you run your muscles diagonally instead of vertically. This means you’ll perform exercises that stretch your thighs in different angles aside from the usual walking and running.

Cross-behind lunges, plié squat, thigh press with bands, and more exercises will make inner thigh toning possible. If you have injuries, you can tweak your routines or ask the help of a fitness trainer.

Are you thinking how to lose weight on your thighs? These simple tips will make a difference if you loathe the sight and feeling of your bulky thighs. In just two months, you might already have the fitness to slip on those favorite leggings of yours.

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Lose Weight On Your Thighs With These Easy Hacks

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