10 Ways You Can Shed Belly Fats Quick and Easy

Belly fat is one of the most worrying parts of being overweight. It stumps your confidence and you have to endure the task of looking for extra size clothes that will fit on your tummy. Aside from the physical dilemma, a fatty tummy also poses a big health risk. Internal organs can be wrapped in fats that could cause failure or dysfunction. However, thinking about flattening this mound you’re carrying could be a daunting mission, not to mention the diet plan that comes with it. To help you out, I will list here some tips about how to lose weight on your stomach.

1. Keep moving

Exercise is one of the easiest ways to keep your extra fats burning. It’s easy to gain visceral fats but the best part is it’s also easy to lose if you’ll keep your heart rate up. Jog, run, bike, shadow box, walk, and do anything that will keep you moving. If you’re too busy to squeeze in a one hour of running, get a pedometer and walk as much as you can.

The proven routine in losing your belly fat is jogging a total of 12 miles per week. This is less straining than running and you can actually jog going to the grocery store, park, or just during the weekends.

2. Love protein with all your heart

When you keep a sedentary life, chances are your insulin levels are spiking. This will lead to higher rates of fat storage and insulin resistance that as we know, all results in more pounds. Such fact is the reason why you have to love protein with all your heart. Protein will decrease insulin resistance and it will help your muscles and fat cells burn excess calories.

So do you have to devour meat products right away? You can add a few slices of this on your diet from time to time, but the safest bet on the calorie department is a tub of whey protein. Just a simple diet change if you’re wondering how to lose weight on your stomach.

how to lose weight on your stomach

3. You might want to get a bottle of vinegar

Be it apple cider or just your typical vinegar, you’ll be surprised to know about its weight loss prowess. Experts found out that people who consume one to two tablespoons of vinegar a day experienced faster weight loss. One theory about this is that acetic acid has proteins that can fasten up fat burns.

For this to be effective, you should consume the vinegar before meals. You should also accompany it with eight ounces of water. I guess another factor that helps in weight loss is that water can make you feel satiated before the actual meal.

4. Discover yoga and meditation

How to lose weight on your stomach? Exercise could be boring at times, and if you have an inner yogi, you can make the most out of it. Women who were in their postmenopausal stage practiced yoga for 16 weeks and the results are lesser visceral fats. Ten minutes of yoga could already make a difference in your current weight. And if you want a serious routine that targets your belly fats, you should consider the likes of Bikram, Ashtanga, Hot Yoga, and Power Yoga.

Aside from the physical aspects that burn fats, yoga also immerses you in yogic thinking. This way, you’ll remove stress risk that could lead to binge-eating and lack of sleep.

5. Green tea is king

Green tea isn’t just an afternoon staple, but it’s also effective in removing the excess fat in your gut. Catechin is a type of antioxidant highly present in green tea that speeds up fat burns during exercise. To make it work for you, a study suggests that you consume about 625 mg of green tea that’s commensurate to two to three cups a day.

Another advantage of green tea is that it gives you more energy without the bad side effects of caffeine. This is helpful if you’re exercising or if you’re at work. Green tea is also a healthier substitute for coffee.

how to lose weight on your stomach

6. Catch early Zzz

A lot of experts had pointed this out but sleeping properly is just as hard as sticking to your diet. Movies, all-nighters, and overnight work could be the cause and to compensate for the stress, you’ll have to eat more. Since your body will be functioning in the late hours of the day, it will experience stress. You’ll have to resort to eating and drinking sugary drinks to pacify this. Such practice isn’t the answer on how to lose weight on your stomach.

If you made it a habit, your body clock could be hard to shift back. I’m saying this based on experience. You’ll be lying in bed until morning but you’ll find it hard to sleep. I suggest that you start shifting that body clock now before it’s too late.

7. Add more soluble fiber to your diet

Fiber is one strong foundation for healthy digestion. And without your knowledge, your stomach can hold up to 10 pounds of half-digested wastes for years. So make sure that you pump your diet with both soluble and viscous fiber for faster flushing of wastes.

Another thing that fiber does to you is it makes you feel full longer. This is important if you’re on a strict calorie diet. Pills like glucomannan became famous because of this. Because when you eat less, you’re going to gain less on your tummy. Foods that are rich in fiber include leafy veggies, celery, string beans, pineapple, and whole wheat.

8. Don’t cringe on weight loss supplements

Weight loss supplements aren’t just a product of companies aiming to profiteer those who are desperate to lose weight. These products have a truth to it and can provide answers on how to lose weight on your stomach. Supplements like green coffee bean extracts are clinically proven to fasten up weight loss. There are also detox cleanse that will flatten your tummy by flushing out long-sitting wastes. Diet pills are also worth the try especially if they are made of viscous fiber.

Anyway, it’s always best to buy one that’s recommended by weight loss enthusiasts. Don’t stick to cheap finds without looking for reviews and trustworthy product descriptions.

how to lose weight on your stomach

9. Stop eating too much salt

A bulging tummy may make you feel fatter than you really are. Too much salt can increase water retention and bloat. If you habitually eat salty junk foods and greasy foods, you’ll think that you have a fatty belly when in fact you just have water weight on. It’s also pressing to reduce salt intake if you have hypertension. Even if it’s not directly related to weight gain, hypertension could affect the process on how to lose weight on your stomach.

Anyway, this would not be applicable if you’re on a keto diet. Keto will require you to consume additional salt since your body will lose a lot of electrolytes in the process.

10. No booze and sweets

Liquor and sugary drinks contain high levels of liquid calories. Such thing is harder to burn than the usual calories you gain from solid foods. It can settle in your gut that is the reason why hard drinkers have bulging bellies.

Also, sugar from these drinks will increase the glucose supply in the bloodstream. Since your body will need an urgent source of energy, it will resort to the readily available glucose instead of maximizing the stored fats in your body. Too much sugar would also increase insulin resistance that causes a higher level of fat storage.

If you’re thirsty, it’s always best to drink water. It’s calorie-free and it refreshes your body just the same.

These tips on how to lose weight on your stomach will be effective if you stick to a healthy diet and exercise. You’re free to tweak some to fit it into your routines. It could be hard to think about losing your belly weight, but if you practice patience, you can finally wear your skinny shirt once again. Do any of these help you? Let us know in the comment section!

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10 Ways You Can Shed Belly Fats Quick and Easy

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