Got Baby Weight? Here’s How To Lose 40 Pounds After Giving Birth

A newborn baby is an exciting addition to a family. However, mothers face another challenge after surpassing the tumultuous phase of childbirth: how to lose 40 pounds after giving birth. Some experts say that women tend to retain post-partum pounds of about 11 or more pounds. The more children that followed after the initial birth, the more pounds will be retained in the body.

The explanation to this is simple. Moms don’t have the time to work out or hit the gym. Most mothers have to be hands-on parents to their little ones which include eating more foods to achieve the energy level needed for the day. Not to mention the stress, losing the baby weight is quite a challenge.

This is the reason why we compiled some practical tips from moms who succeeded in losing weight. Here are their tips that you can also try to lose your excess pounds.

1. Be easy on the first months

Before you take any weight loss move, remember that you have to take it easy during the first few months after birth. You still have to be healed fully. Also, much of your weight is fluids that accumulated during your pregnancy. For the first six months, you’ll lose a great deal of weight just by losing these fluids. So take it easy and spend your first months with your little one.

2. Diet and exercise

Losing baby weight isn’t different from losing weight when you’re not pregnant. But before you switch to a strict diet, remember that you should only cut a small portion of your calories. You have to get the nutrition necessary for breastfeeding your baby. You can also perform different exercises at home to keep your fats burning. But before you do so, you should ask your OB for a clearance.

how to lose 40 pounds after giving birth

3. Don’t be tied to bed rest (unless prescribed)

If your doctor doesn’t prescribe it, you should get moving. Don’t get me wrong, you should get enough rest that you need for the day. What you can do is to walk or stand around the house. These two are good exercises that you can do effortlessly. If you’re fully healed, you can start lifting weights at the gym as a way on how to lose 40 pounds after giving birth.

4. Breastfeed your baby

Breastfeeding has been proven to impact the weight of a mother. It helps fight weight retention within six months after giving birth. The process of making milk requires the body to burn more calories, so the more you breastfeed, the more pounds you’ll lose. It’s a win-win situation between you and your baby who gets optimal nutrition on his first months. You can burn up to 500 calories a day if you regularly breastfeed your little one.

5. Do it with your baby

Stuck in the house with your baby? If you’re fully healed, you can actually perform exercise while holding your baby like sit-ups and squats. Dancing in front your little one is also a good past time and a fat burner. Nothing beats the giggles from your crazy moves. It’s a good way to keep your little one occupied while you try to lose weight.

6. Trick your desserts

It’s tempting to splurge on sweets when you’re experiencing parenting stress. But before you splurge on that slice of chocolate cake and more, why not pack your fridge with yogurt? These small snacks will help you stave off hunger and cravings without hurting your weight. It’s also packed with vitamins and minerals that are good on how to lose 40 pounds after giving birth.

how to lose 40 pounds after giving birth

7. Walk (or climb) the talk

Do you want to bring your baby out for a ray of sunshine? You can walk your baby so you can also get some form of exercise. If you’re totally healed, you can put some baby stuff downstairs, so you would have to take on the stairs a few times a day. You can also take a short run outside or on a treadmill.

8. Look for a baby-friendly gym

A gym with a babysitting center is a heaven-sent choice if you want to lose weight but still look after your little one. You can have your me-time while also enjoy the convenience of checking on your baby from time to time. It’s excellent if you have someone at home to attend to you baby, but if not, establishments like this would always be handy.

9. Eat breakfast before your baby wakes up

Most moms tend to skip or eat a small breakfast because they have to attend to their babies. So even before your little one wakes up, sneak to the kitchen with a full meal if possible. Eating your breakfast early will allow you the me-time you need to charge your body for the day. Set the alarm early so you can energize yourself before the “battle” begins. This is a good way on how to lose 40 pounds after giving birth.

how to lose 40 pounds after giving birth

10. Get yourself a trainer

If you really can’t pull a routine by yourself, you can look for a fitness trainer to help you out. During this time, you can let your husband look after your baby while you enjoy a short me-time. A personal trainer would also help you perform activities that suit your condition. Twice a week would be fine for starters.

11. Avoid take-out meals

By now, you should know that take-out meals from fast food chains are full of preservatives. Processed food items are no good either as it will only make you fatter than you currently is. As much as possible, squeeze in some time to cook food at home, or if you can’t manage it all the time, limit your restaurant orders to twice a week.

Knowing how to lose 40 pounds after giving birth isn’t an easy task. You have to ensure that you’re still getting enough nutrients, so your body can keep up with the needs of nursing a baby. Do you need help with your baby weight? Let us know below and we’ll chat with you!

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Got Baby Weight? Here’s How To Lose 40 Pounds After Giving Birth

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