13 Guaranteed Tips To Help Teenagers Lose Weight

With their changing bodies, teens also face one dilemma during puberty: looking and feeling good. Adolescence is a crucial phase and the hormonal shifts also make it a challenging part of a youngster’s life. Some teens also struggle with weight loss during this period. So their parents ask: how can teenagers lose weight?

The process and approach might be a little different from adults trying to shed some weight. Teens tend to be more vulnerable to unhealthy foods including soda, fast food, and sweet treats. The lack of physical activities can also be a culprit to the excess weight.

Some teenagers have fallen into the obesity whirlpool and find it hard to get out. They are also easy targets of crazy weight loss fads that make losing pounds even harder to achieve. Not to mention the frustration it puts to them; weight loss becomes a dreadful subject of bullying.

So if you’re a teenager who wants to shed some weight or a parent of one, here are some steps you can take to jumpstart the fat-burning process:

1. Drink more fluids

Switching to water or tea is best than downing glassfuls of soda and alcohol. Water keeps you hydrated and it also flushes the toxins out of your body. You should gulp at least two liters of water a day or if you want something with taste, dilute your fruit juice in water or concoct natural iced tea.

2. How can teenagers lose weight? Say goodbye to unhealthy binges

If you want to lose weight, say goodbye to your favorite binge-eating meals including burgers, fries, pizza, and anything with lots of vegetable in it. These food items are high in cholesterol aside from that the fact that it makes you fat. Switch to healthier options on which you can ask help from your parents.

how can teenagers lose weight

3. Practice the 8 p.m. rule

Weight loss needs the discipline to succeed. You can follow the 8 p.m. rule where you won’t eat anything past the said hour. This will prevent unnecessary midnight snacking or overeating. If you feel hungry past 8 p.m., you can give yourself a cup of tea or a cup of yogurt. Brushing your teeth right away after finishing your meal will suppress your cravings.

4. Never try another diet fad

No matter how frustrated you are, never fall prey to another weight loss fad that doesn’t do what it promises. Choose a healthy path that doesn’t starve you and you’ll surely do well in the weighing scale. Putting your body under a lot of drastic changes won’t be a good option to shed your excess pounds.

5. Chew mint gums

Teens are commonly seen chewing gum candies. If you’re also fond of the chewy stuff, you might as well switch to mint than the sweet, fruity ones. So how can teenagers lose weight? Mint will help fight hunger while keeping your breath fresh. But if you can, chew gums sparingly as it can damage your teeth with the sugar it contains.

6. Keep moving

If your school is just a few blocks away from home, walk the distance so you can have a dose of exercise. You can also pull over a few blocks away from the school so you can cover the distance with a short walk. Find ways where you can keep moving like playing games on a dance pad or joining your parents in a morning jog.

how can teenagers lose weight

7. For parents, be the support your kids need

For parents who have kids trying to lose weight, you’re the number one support system for your child. If you’re not going to support him on his lifestyle change, the teen is far from succeeding. It’s your responsibility to guide him on his food choices and physical activities. You have to change your mindset to meet halfway with your teen child.

8. Eat more whole grains

Whole grains are highly satiating and it contains more nutrients than the processed versions. If you’re having breakfast, it’s best if you’ll eat a serving of whole grains to fight off hunger that may occur before snack or lunchtime. Whole grains are high in fiber that will help flush out the solid wastes in your body.

9. Weigh yourself weekly

Weighing yourself regularly will help you keep up with your progress and possible slips during your journey to a simmer body. How can teenagers lose weight through this? Stepping on the weighing scale every week is advisable to get a bigger picture of your weight. Don’t weigh yourself daily since there would be normal fluctuations that may happen. It would just discourage you.

10. Adapt to a sport

If you don’t have any means of exercise, it’s a good idea to adapt to a new sport like badminton, football, or basketball. It doesn’t have to be serious matches. You can invite your friends after school so you can break a sweat each day. Of course, you’re allowed to take a break from time to time.

how can teenagers lose weight

11. Mind the snacks

Snacks are one of the most tempting meals during the day. When you’re at school, it’s easy to have cheat days. If you can, you should bring your own healthy snacks to avoid buying any unhealthy food items. I know that it’s a challenge, but it’s worth the sacrifice to lose weight.

12. Don’t skip meals

No matter how much you want to lose weight by cutting calorie intake, never skip meals. It will just slow down your metabolism and make weight loss harder. Also, it will trigger binge-eating.

13. Ask for help

Young men and young ladies, you’re not alone in your struggle to lose weight. You have your parents, friends, and fitness experts that can help you out in the process. Weight loss becomes easier when you surround yourself with like-minded people.

So you ask, how can teenagers lose weight? This is crucial to allow parents and their kids to explore healthy ways to achieve a fit body. Do you want to share your weight loss story? Feel free to ping us below!

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13 Guaranteed Tips To Help Teenagers Lose Weight

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