10 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat To Lose 40 Lbs: Careful Here!

One of the fundamental foundations of weight loss is the food you eat. If you don’t give enough attention to your meals and its ingredients, you’ll be eating unhealthy foods that are rich in carbs. As much as its fun to eat, it’s time to practice some caution starting now. Some of the foods to avoid to lose weight listed here might be your favorites, but ditching it now will do you a big favor.

Some of these are staples in the kitchen and one time or another, you’ve enjoyed it at the dining table. Here are the ten food items that actually make you fat.

1. Mayo

As your weight loss meal, you’ll be enjoying salads most of the time. What you need to know about this is that the dressing you use might be the culprit to more calories. High-fat mayo is a no-no and you should make sure to read the label before buying one. If you want to be more careful, you can use olive oil or flaxseed oil as dressing.

If you can’t resist mayo, get the low-fat one and use it in moderation to avoid gaining weight.

2. Soy Sauce

To make it clear, soy sauce isn’t one of the foods that make you fat. But why did it land on this list? It’s because soy sauce is high in sodium content that makes you bloated. A big tummy makes you look fatter and from experience, it reduces your self-esteem and motivation.

Another thing is that soy is a GMO product and not an organic food. Like what I said in previous articles, it’s important that you choose organic veggies and fruits.

3. Soda and liquor

Aside from the obvious fact that booze and soda are high in sugar, it’s also rich in liquid calories. As one of the foods to avoid to lose weight, it has calories that settle in the tummy that makes it harder to burn. The big problem about this is that soda is accessible in vending machines that it becomes the first resort in appeasing one’s hunger.

Don’t ever start with the “zero calories” argument because it will still contain sugar or saturated fat. You should take the time to read the nutrition facts on the label.

foods to avoid to lose weight

4. Processed foods

Processed foods are famous for one thing: it’s packed with artificial flavorings, colorings, and preservatives. These are all the things that can ruin a weight loss plan. Most processed food items are packed with calories even in a small serving.

Also, these are intended to last long in a grocery store’s shelf. Just imagine eating chemicals along with it. It’s not the best choice if you really want to lose 40 pounds real fast. Start purging your fridge now!

5. Dairy

Dairy products will make your stomach acidic. This can cause a variety of digestive problems. If that happens, you’ll have a hard time absorbing nutrients and removing wastes out of your body. Dairy is also high in carbs that will make you fat.

I’m not saying that all dairy products are foods to avoid to lose weight. Of course, you need to drink that hot milk before bed. Consume it in the least possible amount and look for alternative sources of calcium. This part wouldn’t be a problem if you’re lactose intolerant.

6. Artificial Sweeteners

Like inorganic foods, anything artificial won’t be good to the body. Soda and other sweet products usually contain artificial sweeteners that’s why they can brag about the “No Sugar” ads. But within the cans of these sodas are artificial sweeteners that settle in the gut and turn into fats.

You should know that aspartame isn’t really healthy and that stevia might be the lesser evil. I can’t see the point how drinks can be weight loss friendly given the fact they have artificial ingredients.

7. Unhealthy smoothies

Okay, let me get these clear. Not all smoothies are the bane. As long as you made it using the right ingredients, it will help you lose weight as a meal replacement. If you’re purchasing smoothie formulas, make sure that you check the label first and spot ingredients that will not help you lose weight.

Many commercially available smoothies are packed with hidden fats, carbs, and sugars to make it yummy. Remember that you can make delicious smoothies using organic fruits and veggies.

8. Whole Wheat

White flour and whole wheat are two weight loss evils but with whole wheat being the lesser destructive. But in any way, it’s still one of the foods to avoid to lose weight. Whole wheat products can actually help you lose weight at first, but since it’s made of gluten, you’ll be bloated and will gain weight.

Some say that whole wheat can be addictive once consumed for a long time. I suggest that you eat this sparingly just to be sure.

foods to avoid to lose weight

9. Dried fruits

Dried fruits not only have fewer nutrients than fresh ones, but it also has tons of sugar. Most products are made sweet to extend shelf life. Although this may be the case to others, you should check for those that are made with less guilt.

You can buy unsweetened dried fruits to add to your oatmeal or desserts. But I suggest that you get the fresh ones to make the most out of the nutrients it contains. Or if you can, try to ditch this totally.

10. Margarine

This is a usual alternative to butter when cooking pancakes or frying foods. But what you need to know about this oily substance is it’s packed with trans fat, your biggest weight loss enemy. You might already have it on your sandwiches, but this isn’t healthy at all. It might be the same as using vegetable oil for cooking.

As an alternative, use olive oil for frying. Still, use this sparingly.

These foods to avoid to lose weight are crucial as it contains a combination of fat, carbs, and added sugars. If you’re dedicated to making the 40-pound cut in two months, you should have this on your purge list. Do you know more foods to avoid? Share it with us in the comment section!

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10 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat To Lose 40 Lbs: Careful Here!

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