Does Banana Diet Help Lose Weight? Here Are The Fascinating Facts

It’s been a fad for a long time, still, we can’t help but wonder, does banana diet help lose weight? The answer could be a vague yes and no since it depends on the calorie intake you observe. Bananas are very low in calories, but if paired with fatty foods, it may not serve its fat-burning purpose. As what the numbers say, bananas have 105 calories, 3 grams of fiber, 27 grams of carbohydrates, 14 grams of natural sugar, and lots of nutrients. But if it really helps remove your excess pounds, here’s what you should know:

It helps you lose weight because it’s satiating

Bananas have very satiating three grams of fiber that creates a lump in the stomach that makes you feel full. And the best part is it only has 105 calories. Even if you eat four bananas a day, it would only consume 400 calories of your dietary allotment.

Bananas are also enjoying snacks. You can eat two of these and only gain 200 calories that you can easily burn within 15 minutes of brisk walking. The Morning Banana Diet version will require you to eat about two to three bananas in the morning. If you’re really not hungry, you’ll eat less and save one of it when you become hungry before lunch.

Banana removes bloating

Aside from the usual dietary fiber, bananas are also rich in prebiotic fiber. This helps the bacteria in your tummy so you’ll have better digestion. It’s also easier to flush toxins and wastes of the body if you have enough fiber supply in your stomach. Also, the potassium content of bananas helps reduce water weight. Women who eat bananas before their meals observed a 50% decline in bloating. So does banana diet help lose weight? Yes!

However, you shouldn’t indulge in salty foods even if you’re eating bananas. Too much salt will increase the water retention in your stomach. Still, you should consume your dietary requirements as salt also functions as electrolytes that regulate the acidity of the blood.

does banana diet help lose weight

It boosts your metabolism

There are arguments about eating unripe bananas, but as much as resistant starch is concerned, green bananas are wonderful. Resistant starch prevents digestion and with that, you’ll feel satiated for long and your gut bacteria will maximize fat oxidation.  The result? A faster metabolism and burning fats.

Anyway, green bananas are hard to eat due to its bitter taste. If you’re following a Banana Diet regimen, you can add these to your shakes or smoothies. So does banana diet help lose weight? You’ll find out.

Banana fuels your exercise

Bananas act like a pre and post-exercise fuel. It has natural glucose that gives the body more energy supply for a strenuous routine. Unlike added sugars in processed food, natural sugars found in bananas are fast to digest and gives the body extra energy after too much sweating.

One more benefit of Banana Diets is the continuous potassium supply that lessens the risk of cramps and weakening muscles. And in a weight loss plan, muscle building is one of the most crucial steps in burning excess pounds. Aside from this, bananas give the body a supply of electrolytes necessary for recovery after the exercise routine.

Potassium overdose is far from happening

Potassium overdose or hyperkalemia is one of the major concerns of medical experts ever since the Banana Diet made a buzz in the weight loss world. But in reality, this is far from happening. A medium-size banana contains 422 mg of potassium and for you to have hyperkalemia, you have to eat 40 bananas in a day. This is almost impossible and if you’re on a calorie-conscious diet, you won’t be doing such splurging.

If you’re doubtful, you can ask your nutritionist for the maximum potassium intake you need for a day. Just remember that bananas aren’t the only sources of potassium if you’re wondering does banana diet help lose weight. Other vegetables and fruits also have this.


Bananas could be high in pesticides

This isn’t always the case, but some bananas are dipped in pesticide for longer shelf-life. This could pose health risks since pesticides aren’t made for human consumption or exposure, to say the least. If you’re into Banana diet, it won’t hurt to be picky about the bananas you’re buying.

Anyway, according to the USDA, bananas that have thicker peelings are safer from pesticides. This is just a simple trick but will really do you a great favor.

Eating only bananas won’t help you

Some of the craziest Banana diet fads have weight loss enthusiasts eating bananas alone. If you’re close to doing this, remember that this tropical fruit doesn’t have everything you need for the day. It’s nutritious in its own right but you can only get other nutrients from other food items. So eating only bananas for the whole day is just one of those risky health scams that you shouldn’t do.

You still have to eat protein, fiber, and vitamins from other sources. If you want, just replace snacks with bananas to cut calories. You can also eat it before meals but don’t make it as a full replacement for other solid foods.

does banana diet help lose weight

You can’t eat a lot of foods items during a strict Banana Diet

A strict Banana Diet has lots of rules. First, you have to keep up with your macronutrients. Proponents of this diet suggest that you eat meals with 90% carbs, 5% fat, and 5% protein. The biggest downside of this diet is that you’re not allowed to eat red meat, poultry products, fish, dairy, and cooked foods. So what are you allowed to eat? Fruits and vegetables, however, high-fat fruits should be taken in a minimal amount.

A Banana Diet will make your eating world small. Not everyone can endure this kind of eating plan.

You may experience acne breakouts or hair loss

Does banana diet help lose weight? Yes, but it can also result in acne breakouts, lethargy, and even hair loss. This depends on how your body will react to the change in eating habits. It’s quite ironic because potassium is supposed to strengthen hair follicles. But followers of this fad reported these side effects. Still, this isn’t always the case.

Also, body aches and depression could happen on a very low-fat diet. There are other health issues associated with Banana Diet but this can be prevented if you balance your food intake.

You have to be careful about choosing the type of your Banana Diet

Banana Diet is an umbrella term for weight loss meal plans that include bananas as one of the major food ingredients. Commonly, there’s the Morning Banana Diet and the Eat-Only Banana Diet. Between the two, the Morning Banana Diet is safer as you’ll need to eat bananas for breakfast. You can eat one-four small size bananas in the morning and just eat normal meals the rest of the day.

However, don’t eat to the point that you’re too full. You should also drink water and ditch other drinks. Banana Diets don’t usually require a special exercise routine and you can go on with your usual practice.

So, does banana diet help lose weight? It does! But you have to be careful in practicing this eating habits. Don’t resort to the Eat-Only Banana type so you’ll have a healthy and worthwhile weight loss journey. Did these points help you? Let us know in the comment section!

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Does Banana Diet Help Lose Weight? Here Are The Fascinating Facts

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