10 Diet Pills Recommended By Doctors For A Safe Weight Loss Program

Many weight loss buffs will go to great lengths just to shed pounds in a shorter span of time. Some of their ways could pose health risks let alone the fact that calorie creep could happen. Burning fats under two months is possible through healthy means. This is why different diet plans and diet pills recommended by doctors are surfacing. Weight loss isn’t something to dread about. With the help of your doctor, nutritionist, and weight loss coach, you can succeed in your goal.

NOTE: Doctors recommend all these; however, the prescription will vary depending on the health condition, usage, and needs of the person. It’s always best, and almost a requirement, to ask for your doctor’s approval before buying any of these. Anyway, not all of pills I listed here are OTC and you’ll need a proper prescription from a medical professional.

1. Alli

Initially known by its generic name Orlistat, Alli helps block fat storage from the food you consume. Doctors would likely prescribe you Xenical that has twice the dose of Alli. But since FDA receives a lot of concerns about the availability of Xenical, they approved an OTC version in the name of Alli. This is the first diet pill to be approved by FDA and it’s safe for long-term use as long as the doctor advises.

Although Alli fights off fat absorption, you should stick to a low-fat diet to avoid liver diseases. There are no recorded serious side effects for this pill, but if you always have high-fat meals, you’ll be exposed to other diseases. You should also take a multivitamin supplement at least two hours before consuming Alli.

2. Belviq

Belviq is one of the prescription diet pills recommended by doctors to suppress your hunger. Like Alli, it can be taken long-term but people who have certain conditions and those who are taking other medications should be under close monitoring. Belviq can cause high fever if mixed with other medicines. Still, it has other normal side effects like constipation, fatigue, dizziness, headache, and dry mouth.

This pill is effective, but if you don’t lose at least 5% of your fats after 12 weeks, you should stop taking it. The FDA advises that it won’t work for you if this is the case. Also, don’t take Belviq if you’re trying to conceive a baby.

If you can’t revamp your eating habits with Alli, Belviq will be a good alternative as one of the diet pills recommended by doctors.

diet pills recommended by doctors

3. Qsymia

Like Belviq, Qsymia helps suppress your appetite. This could be bought online but it’s always best to get it on the prescription of your doctor. Just take note that you shouldn’t take this if you’re trying to get pregnant as serious side effects could be birth defects like a cleft lip. Make sure that you ask your doctor first since this could lead to a depressive condition if taken with improper dosage.

Basically, Qsymia contains phentermine and topiramate, on which the latter causes weight loss through faster calorie burns, less appetite, and longer satiation. It might have delicate side effects, but its weight loss prowess is very high.

Experts have positive feedback about Qsymia as it can help individuals lose about 5% of their fats. If paired with a balanced diet and exercise, this could result in more losses.

4. Contrave

Contrave is a cocktail of two FDA-approved drugs namely bupropion and naltrexone. At first, these drugs aren’t made for weight loss. Bupropion helps treat smoking and depression while Naltrexone aids opioid and alcohol dependence. Like other listed diet pills recommended by doctors, this is a relatively safe weight loss pill but remember that it’s still a prescription drug. You shouldn’t take this if you have seizures, high blood pressure and if you’re trying to have a baby. Although this poses risk for unhealthy people, Contrave is FDA-approved.

Contrave targets the reward system and hunger center of your brain so you’ll have fewer cravings. Reports say that users of this pill experienced up to 4x more weight loss compared to mere dieting and exercising.

Like Belviq, you should stop this if you don’t lose at least 5% of your fat within 12 weeks.

5. Phentermine

Phentermine could come in either Suprenza or Adipex. This is a prescription pill and should be used for short-term only. This successfully curbs your appetite but you should be careful in taking this as Phentermine can make you drowsy and dizzy. Avoid driving or operating machinery if you’re planning to take this. You should also avoid consuming this at night as it can lead to insomnia. If taken without a doctor’s prescription, you could develop dependence towards it.

Some mild side effects include diarrhea, dry mouth, vomiting, and constipation. People with diabetes should ask their doctor first so they would have an adjusted insulin intake. It could also come in a combination diet pills recommended by doctors.

diet pills recommended by doctors

6. Saxenda

This pill is a tricky one as it mimics an intestinal hormone that sends a signal to your brain that you’re already full. Saxenda consists of Victoza, a Type II Diabetes drug. It can be used for long-term purposes but you should note that it has side effects including diarrhea, vomiting, and increased heart rate.  You should seek your doctor’s prescription to buy and consume this. If within 16 weeks you didn’t lose at least 5% of body fat, you should stop taking this. Aside from the fact that it won’t work for you, it could also lead to serious diseases.

To avoid any untoward incidents, you should read the boxed warning well.

7. Glucomannan

Glucomannan is popular among weight loss buffs because of its effectiveness. Once taken, the Glucomannan pill will make a lump in the tummy to make you feel full for long. It will also help you eat less. Most products like Women’s Health Glucomannan Konjac Root Capsule should be taken at least 30 minutes before your meal.

The best thing about Glucomannan is it’s made of naturally extracted soluble fiber. Aside from suppressing hunger, Glucomannan aids the gut bacteria to boost metabolism and improve digestion. You have to understand that results vary in the diet and routines a person does. Don’t think of it as a magic pill that can help you lose weight even if you splurge on unhealthy food. Still, it’s one of the diet pills recommended by doctors.

8. Green Tea Extracts

A 12-week study about taking green tea for weight loss showed that it inhibits and suppresses enzymes that increase fat storage. The antioxidants in green tea called catechins are said to help speed up weight loss. Aside from this, green tea is proven to reduce the risk factor for cancer and heart diseases. For people who have thick visceral fats, improving heart strength is necessary.

A product like Zhou Nutrition’s Green Tea Extract could give all these benefits to your weight loss plan. It reduces cell damage and increases fat oxidation for faster weight loss.  Unlike coffee, green tea boosts your energy while the L-Theanine content removes the negative side effects of caffeine.

diet pills recommended by doctors

9. Green Coffee Bean Extracts

Another organic pill is the green coffee bean extracts. Many, including health professionals, believe that the chlorogenic acid in this extract helps decrease carbohydrate absorption. The antioxidants in this pill also boost the metabolism and act as detoxifiers of the body.

NatureWise Coffee Bean Extracts is one of the most popular diet pills recommended by doctors in the market. It’s formulated for men and women and showed positive results in a placebo-controlled experiment. NatureWise is formulated by a doctor and totally safe as it only has caffeine content equivalent to a cup of coffee.

Avoid taking this at night as the caffeine can cause short-term insomnia. Anyway, this could be consumed even if you’re working. It doesn’t cause dizziness, headache, diarrhea, or other side effects other pills have.

10. Garcinia Cambogia Extracts

You might not hear about it before, but Garcinia Cambogia is long been in use in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. This small pumpkin-like crop is cooked into a soup meal and eaten before meals because of its appetite fighting effects. Extracts from this plant increase the serotonin levels in the body so you’ll be stress-free. As we know, stress leads to binge eating.

If you pair it with exercise and diet, Garcinia Cambogia is really effective. Since this is from an Asian plant, manufacturers come up with commercially processed extracts that you can buy online. The Abundant Health’s Cambogia Extracts with HCA is one of the top finds. It comes in two bottles of Garcinia Cambogia extracts that fight weight gain while it burns fat.

This is a non-GMO product and doesn’t have fillers like gluten or soy that could impede the weight loss benefits. If it doesn’t work for you, the manufacturers will give you a 100% money-back guarantee.

These diet pills recommended by doctors are helpful especially if you ask for your doctor’s advice. You can avoid the delicate side effects if you’ll be careful with your diet, exercise, and dosage. Did these help you? Share your thoughts with us!

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10 Diet Pills Recommended By Doctors For A Safe Weight Loss Program

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