6 Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets Unraveled!

Ever wonder how celebs can surprise the world after losing a great deal of weight? Of course, they could have undergone medical operations, but the likes of Jenna Dewan Tatum, 50 Cent, and Jessica Simpson surely have done some exercise and diet. You may not turn out as sexy as Kim Kardashian, but you’ll surely make use of some tips these stars also followed. Celebrity weight loss secrets are one of the most sought after mysteries and if you’re really curious about it, I will share some facts that I found out:

1. Try liquid diet

When 50 Cent decided to put his rapping career on hold to get to the movies, he had to be so thin to play a cancer patient role in the Things Fall Apart. He had to stick to a liquid-diet only and a three-hour treadmill routine every day. Trying this wouldn’t be advisable but doing the liquid cleanse as part of your weight loss plan is really helpful.

Liquids like juices or cleansers help flush out the toxins in the body. This is necessary so you’ll have a faster metabolism and faster absorption of nutrients and minerals. What 50 Cent did is actually scary, but if you use the liquid diet with solid foods, it can make wonders for your extra pounds.

2. Celebrity weight loss secrets: Squeeze in short workout routines

Being the wife of Channing Tatum is a lot of pressure for Jenna Dewan so she makes sure to squeeze in short exercises a day to lose her baby weight. After giving birth to her daughter, Jenna does lunges as well as calf raises. And true enough, she’s back to her stunning figure.

In a less glam setting, squeezing in short routines, say 30 minutes of exercise, is helpful in losing weight. Researchers found that squeezing in at least half an hour of exercise is enough to make a big dent in your flab.

3. Log at least 10,000 steps

If you really can’t make time for a short routine, get a pedometer and log at least 8,000 to 10,000 steps. This is the same thing that Jessica Simpson did, along with a diet plan, to lose her baby weight. She also did 45-minute resistance training per week to fasten up her fat burns. But if you can’t hit the gym for a few minutes, the 10,000 steps would be enough.

Anyway, I’m sure that you have a day off so make yourself a big favor and try the same thing.

celebrity weight loss secrets

4. Allow the “one indulgence a day” setup

Kim Kardashian is the epitome of a sexy body. But as much as she has a curvy figure, she also allows cheat days. Although this habit may vary from person to person, it’s interesting to get an idea from her practice.

You might not be as slim as Kim, but you can surely observe a diet close to her celebrity weight loss secrets. Instead of having a full 24-hour cheat day, you should have the “one indulgence a day” plan. You can eat a small treat, say three chocolate cookies, and just burn it on your routine. Experts see this as an encouraging method to succeed in weight loss and to boost a person’s metabolism.

5. Try meditation

Stress levels cause a myriad of weight loss problem if it becomes uncontrollable. It could lead to binge-eating, sleepless nights, skipped workout schedules, and more. This is why Christina Aguilera is thanking Reiki, an Asian Zen practice where a teacher passes energy to another which is believed to restore the body.

Whether this is effective or not, only Christina’s body knows. However, it’s medically proven that meditation increases stress level which has a direct link to weight loss.

You can practice meditation via yoga, zen, or the same Reiki!

6. Get your friends into the wagon

Losing 70 pounds could be a burdensome task, but Melissa Joan Hart took the challenge. Instead of stressing herself in her workout sessions, she invited friends and family members to join her. True enough, the support and inspiration she received allowed her to lose baby weight, three kids after.

It’s easy to understand how such thing works. Emotional and mental support lessens the risk of stress plus it gives you encouragement to continue with your routine. Sometimes, all you need is a pat on the back to keep going on your weight loss plan. The environment you are in also plays a big role. And if you’re surrounded by people who believe in you, you’ll surely lose 40 pounds fast.

There are many celebrity weight loss secrets, but these six are some of the most effective picks. Like any other person, celebrities that we idolize also get crazy about their weight. They also share the same woes about stepping into the weighing scale. Do you know more about these tips? Let us know your thoughts!

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6 Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets Unraveled!

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