Lose That Belly Fat With These 9 Effective Tips

Are you one of those who has a belly to flatten? If this is one of your main concerns on your 40-pound target, you better gird your loins. You have to revamp your eating habits and stop drinking those glassfuls of beer. There’s also a need to do exercise regardless if you’re hitting the gym. So if you want to know the best way to lose belly fat, read on.

These nine tips I got here are some of my tried and tested ways to lose belly fat. This is a big help if you have lots of pounds to shed in just a matter of weeks or months.

1. Get high on fiber

There are two possible reasons why you have a bulging tummy. First, you have a thick layer of visceral fats or you have solid wastes sitting inside your belly. Both aren’t good and you have to do something to reduce the flab. Taking more dietary fiber will help you flush out the waste that bloats your stomach. Remember to drink a lot of water too to avoid constipation.

You can get fiber from cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, lettuce, and cauliflower. There are also fiber supplements that you can take.

2. Skip the booze

If there’s one thing most drinkers have in common, it would be their big bellies. It’s because the liquid calories in alcoholic drinks are way sinister than the solid calories you get from food. The stomach doesn’t digest it well and it gets stuck in the tummy. Also, the sugar content of the beverage causes your belly to bloat.

For a refreshing drink, you can resort to cold water, tea, or smoothies. It might be a difficult switch but you have to do it to lose weight.

best way to lose belly fat

3. Best way to lose belly fat: Cut the carbs

Refined carbs are your enemies. Having a maximum of 50 grams of carb intake a day would help you lose weight drastically. Still, it doesn’t mean that you have to ditch carbs for good. You just have to find good alternatives like unprocessed starchy carbs as a source of energy. Still, keep the consumption in moderation to avoid gaining more belly fat.

You can try whole grains as there are highly satiating but with less bad carbohydrates.

4. Strengthen your core

Visceral fats are dangerous as it can wrap around your organs. Make sure that you do strength training and drills that will target your core. This will result in a speedy weight loss and a healthier body. Strength training is also important in the retention of your muscle mass, and even the production of it.

Muscle cells burn fats after the mobilization of the latter from the fat cells. The more that muscle cells outnumber fat cells, the higher weight loss you’ll experience.

best way to lose belly fat

5. Best way to lose belly fat: Take more probiotic

Probiotics are good bacteria that promote healthy digestion. It also enhances your immune system and ensures that you’re absorbing nutrients well upon the break down of food molecules. Probiotics are one of the bacteria found to have a substantial role in the weight loss aspect. Eating fermented foods or taking probiotic supplements are easy ways to ingest a dose.

Studies have proven that probiotics can help in losing weight in the belly area. However, remember that probiotics are the umbrella term for a wide strain of bacteria.

6. Keep moving

Whatever means you have, keep moving and exercising. You can purchase a stationary bike and spend at least 30 minutes on spinning. It’s also good if you can go to the gym for a few days a week. But if you can’t manage those two, walking on your way to work would be a good alternative. You can also spend some time off your lunch break pacing up and down your office stairs.

Your abdominal fats might have taken you years to accumulate but it will surely yield to dedicated exercise.

7. Eat protein

I have mentioned of protein’s importance in weight loss time and again. Our bodies will dry and wither if we don’t have enough supply of these group of amino acids regularly. Protein is a major component of muscle building as well as boosting the metabolism of a person. It’s also responsible in triggering the release of satiation hormones so you’ll consume fewer calories during meals. Upping your protein intake is the best way to lose belly fat.

Another reason to eat protein is it increases the thermic levels of the body. It will result in more burned fats, including those in your belly.

best way to lose belly fat

8. Go yoga

Strenuous weightlifting and strength training aren’t always for everyone. If you want to try another mode of exercise, explore yoga. It’s not just a typical routine. Yoga will also help in harnessing your stress levels and improving your perspective on life. It’s a good way to stay inspired and fit at the same time. You can practice it at home or enroll in a yoga studio where you’ll have an instructor and classmates.

Just remember that yoga can be extreme too depending on what you choose to practice. Always start small and don’t force your body to nail extreme poses.

9. Sleep, but not too much

Sleeping is a basic human need. It’s when the body gets to have total rest and recovery from the previous day’s activities. Getting at least seven to eight hours is recommendable to avoid shooting up your stress levels and feeling lethargic.

However, it’s not just about sleeping. It is about getting restful sleep. Waking up frequently at night or having a chaotic sleeping schedule will confuse your body. Never oversleep during weekends too since this will be another unscheduled slumber. Your body will secrete cortisol that causes fat storage.

The best way to lose belly fat is switching to a healthy diet and lifestyle. It’s not easy but it’s definitely worth it once you already have a flat tummy. Just take one step at a time to achieve your weight goal. Do you have something to add? Let us know below!

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Lose That Belly Fat With These 9 Effective Tips

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