4 Diet Plans For Weight Loss With Diabetes

Having diabetes is enough for a dilemma, but trying to lose weight while nursing it could make it more difficult. Medicines and other treatments can cause weight gain and you just can’t starve yourself just to lose your 40 pounds. So why bother to lose weight? Burning at least 5% of your extra fats would already improve your blood flow and immune system. And if you have Type II Diabetes, this is needed to lessen the risk of complications. With that, you should start following the best diet for weight loss with diabetes.

The best start is revamping your eating habits. Here are some diabetes-friendly diet plans that you can use:

1. DASH plan

DASH plan means Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension plan. It’s primarily devised to address hypertension but experts found that it can lessen the risk of diabetes and even prevent it from worsening. Once you start this diet plan, you’ll have to portion your food items and eat more foods that lower your blood pressure. DASH also suggests that you eat foods high in magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

The DASH plan usually has food items like fish, vegetables, fruits, poultry, whole grains, low-fat products, and vegetable oils. This is such a non-restrictive diet-as much as diabetes is concerned-but you have to watch your sodium intake too. It should be in a maximum of 1,500 milligrams per day and you should ditch sugary items that can spike the glucose supply in your bloodstream. Anyway, you can still enjoy a few sweets up to five small servings per week.

There are specific food servings you have to follow when sticking to this best diet for weight loss with diabetes. You can refer here for the complete list. 

Although the weight loss effects will vary from person to person, the DASH plan is still a healthy way of maintaining your diabetes at the least risky level.

Did you know that diabetic people are more prone to hypertension? According to the American Diabetes Association, 2 out of 3 diabetic individuals have blood pressure issues. This is why the DASH plan gives you a double whammy benefit. It lowers cholesterol levels in the bloodstream while it addresses the A1C levels for those that have Type II diabetes.

best diet for weight loss with diabetes

2. Paleo Diet

Paleo hates modern agriculture techniques that they believe are causing diseases to humans. GMOs, pesticides, and other inorganic alteration could lower the quality of food and reduce the natural vitamins one can get from food. This is why followers of this diet eat food that our ancestors used to consume, or at least in the way they are prepared.

Studies showed that using this best diet for weight loss with diabetes could help maintain Type II Diabetes for a short time. It controls the glycemic index and very healthy as long as the person isn’t suffering from any kidney diseases. Paleo Diet may not be a cure, but it largely helps in addressing factors that cause insulin resistance and glucose spikes.

The Paleo Diet offers a customized food pyramid made up of low-carb foods. Still, the carb content of the whole meal could be up to 40% of calories. Researchers found that lowering carb intake could directly help maintain Type II diabetes. And since you’ll be cutting carbs and calories, you’re going to lose a handsome amount of fats.

When you stick to Paleo, you’ll need to ditch industrial oils like canola and vegetable oil. You should also stop eating foods that cause inflammations like soybean, legumes, refined sugar, and food with transfat. These should be replaced with foods that restore the insulin levels including protein, bone broth, probiotics, and organic vegetables.

Aside from following this diet, you should also start fixing your sleeping habits. Stress and exhaustion and contribute to a less effective regimen. If you want to know more about the Paleo Diet, you can check it here.

3. Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean is a beautiful place and no wonder that their diet also reflects the same. Mediterranean people love food rich in oleic acid. This is a fatty acid naturally extracted from plants and animals. Although it’s a kind of fat, an oleic acid-rich Mediterranean Diet aids weight loss, metabolism issues, and fasting glucose levels. Some of the countries popular for this best diet for weight loss with diabetes are Morocco and Greece.

The food requirements for this diet limit the consumption of red meat. Instead, it focuses on the intake of plant-sourced foods like leafy greens and fruits. It replaces red meat with poultry, fish, and eggs while it also allows fatty foods like almonds and olive oil. You should only eat low-carb fruits as sugary ones can spike your glucose level.

You can still eat pasta and starchy food in a Mediterranean Diet but it’s always best to consume it in small amounts.

Many medical experts promote the Mediterranean Diet as it is non-restrictive and far from inflicting nutrient deficiencies. It’s also easy to follow and it’s better than sticking to plain low-fat eating fads.

An Italian study discovered that people who eat Mediterranean Diet meals with 30% of daily caloric requirements could easily manage their Type II diabetes without medication. The researchers also found out that only 44% of diabetic participants required medication after years of sticking to the diet. This is a big difference than the 77% of those who consume the usual low-fat meals.

Aside from controlling your glycemic index, the Mediterranean Diet could also improve heart health and give weight loss effects. Truly the best diet for weight loss with diabetes.

best diet for weight loss with diabetes

4. Vegan Diet

Many diabetic individuals who want to lose weight resort to a vegetarian diet. Here, you wouldn’t eat any meat products but dairy and eggs are still allowed. Though this is very helpful in maintaining the disease, not everyone can handle the challenge of the vegan regimen.

You’ll have to eat greens, beans, whole grains, legumes, fruits, and more. This could bring nutrient deficiencies that’s why you have to take supplements to enforce your supply of iodine, calcium, zinc, and B-vitamins. One of the most important notes to remember when losing weight with diabetes is to look for protein alternatives. Meat is the common source of this but you can switch to eggs or plant sources if you’re on a totally vegetarian diet.

Of the two types, the vegan diet is more beneficial for those who have Type II diabetes. It reduces the risk of hypertension, cancer, and it brings weight loss. Experts believe that the best way to handle Type II Diabetes is to start losing weight where the vegetarian regimen could be the best diet choice.

Although this will focus on healthy eating, you should keep an eye on the portions you eat. Too much cheese or nut can cause weight gain. Then again, it would be best to consult your doctor first before jumping into this very restrictive diet. A sudden change in your eating habits could jeopardize your condition, regardless if you have Type I or Type II diabetes.

The best diet for weight loss with diabetes depends on your doctor’s recommendation. The four I listed here are just quick guides if you’re looking for possible choices. All of these are healthy in their own rights, but its effect on weight loss will depend on the reaction of your body. Are you looking for a diet plan? Let us know in the comment section!

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4 Diet Plans For Weight Loss With Diabetes

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